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Finding Courage in Friendship

 In The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari, written by Donita Paul and Evangeline Denmark, best friends Padraig the dragon and Roger the turtle to camp outside at the base of Mount Sillymanborrow aka the backyard.  And what starts out as a fun adventure on the safari roasting marshmallows and eating baked bugs quickly turns frightening under the blanket of night. For these two young friends the darkness and sounds of the night heighten the boys imaginations as squirrels, elephants and other safari animals are transformed into ferocious beasts.  Padraig who is obviously the more scared of the two tries his best to hide his fear from his best friend.

However, Roger senses Padraig’s uneasiness and works hard to be a source of comfort to him and encourage him to not give up on their adventure.  The boys nestle up in their tent prepared to call it a night until a loud cry for help draws them out on a true adventure.  Armed with a flashlight they set out to help whomever or whatever is need.  They put aside their fear and find courage in their friendship to vier out into the darkness and unknown to help another.

This is a great story to help teach children the true meaning of being a friend.  Paul and Denmark do a beautiful job of writing a story that is not only easy to read but easy for children to understand.  And thanks to Vincent Nguyen they have lovely illustrations to accompany this wonderful tale.  Also, the reading guide at the end makes this a great book to use in a church library and teach children about how God is always with us even during our time of fear.

The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari
Authors: Donita Paul and Evangeline Denmark
Illustrator: Vincent Nguyen
Release Date:  January 2011
Pages: 40
Genre: Children’s, Fiction

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