Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Adults & Kids

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Happy Monday!  Valentine’s Day totally got the drop on me this year.  Usually I have gifts already purchased and hidden by the end of January.  Unfortunately it’s looking like I’m going to be out here in these streets with the rest of the procrastinators and forgetters doing last minute shopping.
Thank goodness stores like Target and Walmart offer same day pickup and/or delivery.  Anyways, if you’re like me and will be last minute shopping, check out some of the gift ideas below.  There’s a mixture of traditional and non-traditional suggestions.

Adult Gift Ideas

Jewelry | We’ve been using jewelry as a way to show our for centuries now.  It’s hard to go wrong with earrings, a ring, or maybe a watch in your loved one’s favorite color.

Books | Did you know more people visited the library last year than the movies? So it’s safe to say that a book by your loved one’s favorite author will be right up their alley.  Also, another fun concept would be get a book that you can buddy read together.  Reading always even more fun when you have someone to talk about all the juicy bits with as you read.

Treats | They say food is the way to a man’s heart and I’m here to say that food is the way to EVERYONE’s heart.

Beauty & Grooming | Listen I have never turned down gifts of lipstick, hair care products, or skincare stuff. I love it when my loved ones want to help me look and feel my best by investing in me via beauty product gifts.

For The Home | I wish other adults understood how much their peers appreciate simple gifts like a new set of coffee mugs, towel sets, candles, and other home goods.
Flowers | I know flowers seem like a cliché gift to give but studies have shown that having fresh flowers in a home reduces stress.  So get the flowers.

Entrepreneurship | There’s more than one way to support your loved one’s business.  Something as simple as a planner can go a long ways to helping them get organized by giving them a central place to jot down business meetings, lunch dates, and more.

Kids Gift Ideas

Toys & DIY | I don’t know a kid alive who turns down the gift of toys after Christmas.  My little guy loves getting toys for all the holidays.  And Moo, my tween, is all about DIYs.

Treats | Remember food is the way to everyone’s heart including kids!

Clothes | In case you didn’t get the memo, kids love clothes too.  Moo has hit the tween age and she’s all about clothes and shoes.

Books | Don’t let these kids fool you, they love reading too!

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day gift?

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