I’m K. Elizabeth, the creative behind YUMMommy. Since 2010, I’ve been dishing out real talk about the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

Featured in JET Magazine’s “Must-Read Blogs for Black Moms,” family has always been and will will always be my everything. I’m passionate about sharing my honest experiences and our crazy, but beautiful journey. These days, as a solo mom, I’m dishing all the tea on the struggles of raising teenagers, trying to kill it in a new career, and trying to find sparks of joy in every day.

You can also expect delicious but affordable recipes (Food Lion Frugal Cook-off winner in the house) and Black family-friendly travel and event recaps sprinkled with some scenes from the dating world (I’m trying to be back outside but it’s scary y’all), a peak at my adventures in crochet, and of course my usual entertainment content- books, movies, tv shows, etc.

So, if you’re looking for a space to uplift each other (moms or not), celebrate our wins, and find humor in the burnt toast of life, stick around!


Meet My Crew


Moo| She’s the kid that started it all- my motherhood journey and this blog. She’s my adventurous co-pilot, a ball of compassion and fun which a talent soaking up new things like a sponge.

Sometimes a touch shy, she’s got a heart of gold and is a natural nurturer and problem-solver. Like her mama she’s a bookworm, loves cooking, and has a passion for all things fashion and beauty related.


Bud formerly known as JJ| He’s my second born that kept me on my toes in the early years. Thankfully, these days he’s mostly laidback. He still has a spontaneous and curious nature that I contribute a little to his being on the Spectrum. He’s an introverted warrior who enjoys helping wherever he can. He loves all things Thomas the Tank Engine, Mario, and Sonic related as well as homeschooling, creating art, and letting loose at the park.

He aspires to be a big brother (still) and has goals to be animator and possibly an engineer in the future.