Friday Five Recently | Week 8

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Happy Friday!  We are another week closer to Christmas.  Naturally, the kids can hardly contain their excitement.  I’m not ashamed to say that they get their love of Christmas from me.  I’m a holiday baby.  So the love of Christmas is in my blood.

Anyways, they’ve been asking Alexa almost everyday how many days we have until Christmas. It’s so cute to watch.  Their joy and excitement is so infectious and just what I need right now.
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Recently …

Decorated | As per our family’s tradition, we decorated our holiday tree for Christmas on November 1st. I know this may seem a bit too early for some but it’s been the perfect tradition for us.  This year I let the kids take over the decorating.  Watch the video below to see how they did.

Also, I want to point out that we call our Christmas tree a holiday tree now because last Christmas I made the execute decision to leave our tree up year round.  We simply switch out the decorations on it.  So think cute bunny and egg ornaments for Easter and pumpkin ornaments for Fall.  I definitely recommend doing a holiday tree if you don’t need to use the space where you put your tree.

Exhausted | I made the mistake of slacking off on giving the kids (and myself) their daily Sambucol elderberry syrup.  Now I’m paying the cost because both kids (and myself) are sick.  And as usual, Moo got sick first and then it spread to her brother.  Since I’ve been taking care of both of them around the clock, I have a little tickle in my throat too.

I hope that we all get to feeling better by the end of next week.  A mama is exhausted.  I’m tired of cleaning up vomit, replenishing ginger ale and Kleenex rations, and getting up all hours to dispense out medicine every 2-4 hours.  Not to mention, we’ve still been homeschooling through all of this.  Definitely learned my lesson about skipping the elderberry syrup.

Sad | The holidays are usually a happy time for me but this year I’m a little sad.  Death was not kind to my family this year and so this year we’ll be celebrating the holidays without some familiar and cherished faces for the first time.  Our hearts are heavy folks.  Keep us lifted in your thoughts and prayers this season.

Ready | We are officially ready for Day of Thanks aka Thanksgiving.  Instead of getting an entire bird we opted to get two Butterball Ready to Roast Boneless Turkey Breast.  These don’t require any thawing and they’re already seasoned.  You just take it out of the freezer, unpackage it, and put in the oven/roaster.

Watched | Netflix has a hit on their hands with their new Christmas movie, Klaus.  It started streaming today and of course I had to watch it.  It’s so good!  The perfect animated movie about the spirit of Christmas and how Santa came to be that whole family will enjoy.

Have you started preparing for the holidays yet?

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