Bread For Life

The mission of Bread For Life is “to work alongside indigenous Africans…and help them become spiritually, socially and economically vibrant by helping to pioneer self-sustaining ministries and churches where needed and serving the church and communities through relationships that build vision and provide resources for strategic impact in the city and among unreached people…”

Why You Should Support Them
We have all seen those commercials about the underprivileged families in Africa.  While some of us may find it hard to believe that such conditions can exist in the year 2011, the truth is that they do.  Many countries in Africa are still very under developed and are in extreme need things like running water, medical facilities and staff and educational as well as spiritual institutes.   However, in the early 80s, Cameroon native, Ernest Ehabe had an overwhelming desire to create a ministry “that would help Africans become spiritually, socially and economically” rich and to trim dependence.  What started off as a one man journey to America to better himself in order to better his community turned into an international ministry effort.

Bread For Life is now working to serve and deliver much needed resources and programs to hundreds of people in and around West-Central Africa.  Their ministry includes church planting, the development of Christian Medical Centers, agricultural programs and educating residents on HIV, AIDS and abstinence to name a few.

They are a registered 501(c)(3) charity.

How You Can Help
Bread For Life is always looking for missionaries of God to help spread His word and good deeds. You can help by becoming a sponsor, making a financial donation or even joining a short term mission team.  

For a complete list and other ways you can assist Bread For Life in their efforts click here.

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