Fashion Find:The Children’s Wear Outlet

Well, I’m officially five months and Baby JJ will be here before I know it.  Since, Moo is a girl none of the baby clothes I saved for her will work her baby brother.  So, I’ve been on a hunt to find some cute and very adorable little boy outfits.  I want him to be just as stylish as his big sister is.  In my hunt, I stumbled across The Children’s Wear Outlet.
The Childrens Wear Outlet
This place has clothing for both boys and girls, babies, toddlers, etc.  The best part it’s all priced affordable!!  I’m talking TJ Maxx and WalMart prices.  So, here are some outfits I have loaded in my checkout cart for Baby JJ and Moo.  I couldn’t leave her out.
All American Baby- $10

Around the World- $6

Athletic Department- $10

Eco Tour- $10

Afternoon Break- $12

All Grown Up- $12

April Showers- $12

Boardwalk- $8

Can’t wait for my order to arrive and for warmer to hurry up and get here!!

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