My Weekend WrapUp

It’s Sunday and my weekend is officially coming to a close sadly.  Aside from the rain and thunderstorms, I had an enjoyable weekend.  Saturday started with a visit to the office, but thankfully I wasn’t there for too long.  Then it was off to Rockingham, NC to shop, shop and shop.  I found some really great buys.  We went to Lowe’s and I purchased Moo her very own lawn chair to sit in.  It was just her size too and came in this beautiful watermelon color.

When I saw it, I knew instantly that she would love it.  And I was right. She pulled that chair all over the store and had a meltdown when I finally made her turn it loose and put it in the buggy.  She was scuffing up the floors.  Plus, that awful screeching noise was getting on my nerves.  Not to mention, I think she was getting tired of pulling it, but was too stubborn to just admit defeat. LOL.

After, discovering that something had bitten her on the elbow, we decided to call it a wrap at Lowe’s and hightailed it to Big Lot’s.  Now, I love Big Lot’s!!  I’m a huge bargain shopper.  I like to get the most bang for my buck.  Being a single mom, I have to watch how much money I spend.  You never know when something is going to pop up.  And even though Jay is very helpful and involved in our lives, he lives 2 hours away and can’t always get money to us quick enough.

So, I like to be prepared with a stash of my own.  Anyways, I’ve been posting on Facebook for two months now about my search for a more affordable sewing machine.  I can’t afford the $400 sewing machine that I want.  But I was stoked when I came across the Pixie by Singer for only $30!!  Take about a steal.  Singers are like the top brand of sewing machines.

And since, I already know that I’m getting my dream sewing machine for Christmas, the Pixie will do until then.  Not to mention I will still be using the Pixie for smaller projects like making pillow cases and change purses. Yes, I’m one of those crafty people.  I’m a creative type and love expressing myself through my work.  Not to mention, I’m trying to build a brand.

My next great find was at Taco Bell. They have these great $2 Meal Deals that come with an entree, chips and a drink.  Totally awesome.  Who says you can’t eat out for cheap?  And the great thing about Taco Bell is their Beefy 5-Layer Burrito.  It’s so yummy and I get full off of one every time. So, it’s not like I have to order anything else to go with it.  But it was nice having it on the $2 Meal Deals menu.

This morning Moo and I slept in a bit later than we usually do.  Perhaps that’s because we went to bed late, but it felt really good.  I got up and decided to use the new blender to make a coconut smoothie.  Bad idea because I ended up smashing my finger with the hammer trying to crack the coconut and then the coconut bounced and landed super hard on the same finger. Ouch!!!! 

I will be sticking to berries for future smoothies.  But I wanted to try something a little bit more healthy for breakfast.  (BTW if any of you have any great smoothie recipes be sure to share them!!)  They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and they’re right.  Even though I’m not a breakfast person, I still function better when I have a smoothie or a piece of fruit in my tummy.  I’m way less moody.

I managed to accomplish getting Moo’s hair done without any major meltdowns.  She’s part Black, part Native American and part Italian.  So, she has really fine curly hair that is characteristic of mixed children.  Everybody says she looks Mexican or Native American.   Anyways, we have trouble with keeping it styled because it’s not your traditional Black person hair. So, braids only last a max of two days and then it’s time to redo.

And that’s when the problems start because she does not like anybody touching her hair.  Not to mention the curls make it hard to comb.  Combing from the root to the ends only causes tangles.  So, I have to start in the middle and comb to the ends then move up until I reach the roots.  And I’ve been searching for great products that will work for her hair type.  I do use grease on it because that’s just a must in a Black home.

But her hair and scalp seem to suck it up so quickly.  So, I’m in search of a cream moisturizer that I can use in between greasings.  Too much grease can clog pores and eventually just cakes up.  But luckily, I’ve discovered that doing her hair in her bath is easier because she’s distracted with her toys and splashing in the water.

Church went great. Our new pastor is getting better and warming up more to us.  I’m still waiting to see how he will interact with the children though.  That is key for me as a parent.  But I think he has great potential to stay around for a year or two.  And he actually brought one of his three children to church!!  We were beginning to wonder if we would ever see any of them.  Still waiting to see the other two though.  It’s like celebrity baby watching. LOL

Well, I hope that everyone else has had an enjoyable weekend and will have a great work week. Be blessed!

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