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2013 Recap

My Week 52 Bible 365 post will up tomorrow.  I didn’t want to post it today since it actually doesn’t end until tomorrow.  Today, I’m doing a recap of all the adventures, ups and downs that was tossed our way in 2013.  It’s been fun revisiting some of these posts and I hope that you will check them out.  Also, I noticed some posts have comments on them that I thought I had replied but didn’t.  So, you might get an email notifying you about a comment I’m just now replying to that’s a couple months old.


We started out 2013 with a everybody in the house getting sick.  What a way to celebrate the New Year huh?  I also started on one of my New Year’s resolution with the introduction of the Bible 365 Challenge.  Most importantly, YUMMommy turned three years old this past January!


I got busy in the kitchen and made some savory bbq meatballs for the SuperBowl.  I’ve made them a few times since then and will probably make them again this upcoming SuperBowl.  I opened up about how both of my maternal grandparents died from complications related to heart disease.  I’m still very passionate about supporting charities that work to help raise awareness for this disease.  And Moo morphed into mini mommy mode with her brother. Seriously, it’s still the cutest thing ever!


I took a big step and purchased the YUMMommy domain for the blog!  I also got a great head start on my Christmas shopping for Moo at an awesome Spring toy sale at Walmart.  Hoping to be able to catch a good sale after the New Year’s and this upcoming Spring too!


We did something different this year and made our Easter baskets!  It was a big hit with the kids and will be doing it again this upcoming Easter.  I went to Lake Junaluska for the first time and fell in love!  I’m really aching to go back and would love to live there some day.  I can definitely see the Mr and I growing old there.  Moo got her first pets, but sadly they passed away. 


My little guy turned two!  Who knew time would fly by so fast.  My entire family (minus the Mr) and I took a road trip to New Orleans for my older sister’s wedding.  Hands down the best trip I have taken in my adult life!  The jokes, fun and family bonding was like no other.  We’re trying to plan another trip to New Orleans and I know it’s going to be even better.


We beat cabin fever and enjoyed a wonderful day at the ImaginOn.  When I say that place is cool, I mean it’s sweet!  Ipads, toys, exhibits, workshops and so much more make this library one of best libraries I’ve ever been to.  It’s definitely the best library here in the Queen City!


I’ve always been a fan of crafting and decided to get the kids in on the action too with an Arts & Crafts Bucket List.  Moo and I wasted no time getting started and made homemade playdough hand imprints.  Life started throwing us lemon after lemon starting with our last landlord terminating our lease because he didn’t want to make any repairs.  Check out that story here.


The Mr asked me to marry him all over again. Needless to say I said yes of course.  Who would turn down the change to have a wedding after eloping?  Life is more complicated and we’ve been thinking about putting the vow renewal ceremony on hold for another year, but I’ll keep you posted in the New Year.


I had pregnancy scare that had me wondering about if there was a right time for us to have a third child and if we were pregnant would be able to handle it with everything that was already going on.  Well, the results came back negative and honestly I was kind of crushed about it.  While we aren’t playing to have another baby for a while, I had allowed myself to get my hopes up anyway.  I also bit the bullet and filmed my first vlog!!  Talk about nerve wrecking.


Things went south with our current rental, but again God opened up a window to help things workout in our favor.  Won’t He do it?!  Life may get hard but I refuse to just stand still and take it.  After the shenanigans that went down with our last landlord, I have learned to take action from the jump start.  I am about my business when it comes to my family, making sure where we stay is in order, my money and my brands.


The Mr’s work schedule got crazy busy and to avoid missing out on being able to put the Christmas tree up as a family, we put it up after Halloween!  Too early for some, but just right for our family.  We discovered what it was like to live next door to college students and how sometimes it can bring out the inner mean girl in me.


This month Moo turned five and I cried again!  I had the pleasure of writing for Kokoa Magazine!  It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to doing it again in the future.  I celebrated my 28th birthday with my loves.  Christmas came and went leaving me with the reminder of all that I had to be thankful for.
Overall, this year has been a year of ups and downs.  However, everything that happened went down for a reason.  I think our bad times have made me stronger, wiser and smarter.  I’m looking forward to taking everything that I’ve learned into the New Year.  By applying these lessons in 2014, I know that my family and I will be elevated to higher heights and better able to deal with issues as they come our way.
What was the best highlight from your 2013?
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  1. This is why I love blogging. This opportunity to have reminders of our life and growth is amazing. I thought about stopping blogging then I went back and looked at past posts and it made me remember why I do this.

    Looking forward to your adventures in 2014 and seeing what has had you up at night!

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