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The Bell Foundation

The mission of the Bell Foundation is “to dramatically increase the academic achievement, self-esteem and life opportunities of children living in low-income, urban communities.”
Why You Should Support Them
Did you know that one of three children will not finish school?  This is a sad statistic. What’s even sadder is that most of those children will come from low-income homes in an urban community.  So, how do we reach that one child that is on the verge of throwing in the towel in regards to their education?
The first step is showing that you care.  These children also need to know why education is important.  At the Bell Foundation, they strive to make sure that no child is left behind with their summer and after school programs.  The Bell Foundation pairs highly trained educators with small groups of students.  They then identify each student’s specific educational need or area that needs the most improvement.
Also, they not only focus education but the overall well being of the students with mentorship programs and service projects.  Through these Bell hopes to help students gain a sense of community, social responsibility and to reinforce positive strong relationships.  They also work to make sure that parents are just as involved in their child’s educational success by opening and increasing the lines of communication between the schools.
For more information on the Bell Foundation and how they are helping to give children a new outlook on education  visit their website here.
How You Can Help
There are many ways that you can help the Bell Foundation make sure that these children have a great chance at a successful future and making wise life decisions.  You can donate financially to help fund programs and services offered.  You can also volunteer at one of their sites and work hands on with kids.  If you are a teacher or tutor, you can offer your services.
For other ways that work with the Bell Foundation to make a better tomorrow for the children of America click here.
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Or Write:
Bell Foundation
60 Clayton Street
Dorchester, MA 02122
Or Call:
(617) 282-1567
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