Angel Canines for Wounded Warriors

The mission of Angel Canines for Wounded Warriors is “to insure that all wounded warriors in need of assistance from a service dog will receive free air transportation to a vetted Service Dog organization.”

Why You Should Support Them
Let me just say that we are all indebted to the thousands of women and men who have and still put their lives on the line to maintain our freedom.  And often times in the line of duty some of those military men and women get injured.  Thus, Angel Canines for Wounded Warriors know the profound affect that trained service dogs can have on injured veterans’ lives.
Just imagined that you were injured and lost the use of one of your legs.  How depressed and down would you be?  What would be your motivation for getting out of the house or even getting out of bed for that matter?  Well, for some veterans that motivation to keep going and get up everyday is their specially trained service dog.
Having a service dog gives veterans a continued sense of responsibility and importance.  They have feed their dog, make sure they get proper exercise and everything.  In return, these canines assist them with the daily task of getting around on their own.  
Angel Canines for Wounded Warriors works to make sure that these veterans have free air transportation to and from their service dog facility.  We all know that air travel can be kind of expensive and most wounded vets live on a fixed budget that would otherwise not allow them to afford transportation to a service dog facility.  I think that by helping these vets get a second lease on life is the perfect way to say thank you for all that they have done as well as for having risked their lives for mine and yours.
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How You Can Help
You can help Angel Canines for Wounded Warriors by making a donation to their organization.  Remember that the funds you donate will go towards covering the transportation costs of vets to service dog facilities where they will be matched up with a service dog trained to cater to their specific injury.
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Angel Canines for Wounded Warriors
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