The Closet Ministry

The Closet Ministry’s mission is “to help lift economic burdens by providing quality used and new clothing, shoes and linens to men, women and children whose families are under financial strain.”
Why You Should Support Them
A lot of us take simple things like being able to buy clothing, shoes, towels, bedsheets, etc.  Well, for some families they have to choose between keeping a roof over their family’s head, putting food on and paying bills versus buying clothes.  And this can be extremely rough when you have small kids because they grow so fast.
Started in 2009, the Closet Ministry was started help address the need of providing needy families with clothing items, shoes and linens.  They host Free Shopping Days once every three months.  One these days, each family is given up to $75 ‘Closet Dollars’ to spend.  Merchandise is displayed like you it would be in a regular store and priced between $1 to $5.  Each family is given 30 minutes to go through and shop for items that they need.
For more information on the Closet Ministry click here.
How You Can Help
Interested in helping the Closet Ministry?  Well, you can assist them in providing needy families with clothing, linens and household items making a financial donation.  You can also help by signing up to volunteer at a location closest too you.  You can even donate gently used and new items to be displayed in their store locations.
For information on how you can help the Closet Ministry click here.
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