Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International

The mission of the  Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF) is “to find a cure for type 1 diabetes through the support of reseach.”

Why You Should Support Them

As some of you may know, a year ago I lost someone very special to me–my aunt.  She was more than just an aunt to me though.  I always referred to her as Ma or my second mother and she always told people that I was the daughter she didn’t birth but that God had sent to her.  I spent most of my childhood feeling misunderstood, but she was the one person who got me and let me be myself.  I even lived with her for short periods time on and off.

Well, right before my senior year of high school she got sick.  At the time I didn’t know how serious her condition was and I think that she tried to hide it from me at first because she didn’t know how I would take it.  But eventually, as her health worsened I learned that she was suffering from type 1 diabetes.  My heart was a little broken because I knew that there was no cure for this disease.

Type 1 diabetes pretty much causes your immune system to attack the cells that stop your body from producing insulin and from preventing glucose overloads.  Without sufficient production of insulin the glucose ends up destroying your organs because it doesn’t get converted to energy for your beta cells.  While this type of diabetes is usually found in children as young as infants, teens and young adults it’s not uncommon now days to show up in older adults as was the case with my aunt.  However, like I mentioned there is no cure this disease.  Patients can manage it with insulin shots or an insulin pump.

Founded in 1970 the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International is helping to fight this disease by funding research for cures, better medicines and immunizations for type 1 diabetes.  Not only is JDRF about research but they also fund campaigns to help raise awareness about this illness and educate those who are, have been or could possibly be affected by type 1 diabetes.  For information on JDRF’s fight for to defeat type 1 diabetes click here.

Juvenile Diabates Research Foundation International is a registered 501(c)(3).

How You Can Help
If you have been affected by type 1 diabetes through the lost of a loved one like I have then one way to help JDRF is through spreading your story.  It’s important to inform people that type 1 diabetes doesn’t just affect the people who have it but their families and loved ones as well.  You can also participate in cure walks, donate money, become a JDRF member or even participate in clinical trials.

 For a complete list of ways you can become involved with this organization click here.

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