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Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation

The mission of the Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation is “to educate children and adults worldwide about water safety through the utilization of drowning prevention campaigns and early childhood water safety training.”
Why You Should Support Them
Many of us have probably considered putting in a swimming pool in our backyards or wished we could afford to do so.  And even more of us probably have fond memories of summer involving water-the pool, the beach, etc.  Well, did you know that the most common cause of death for children and toddlers between the ages of 1 to 4 is drowning?  I surely didn’t.
Sadly, Blake and Kathy Collingsworth suffered the loss of their son Joshua  in June 2008 when he accidentally fell into their swimming pool and drowned during a family get together.  Their story is a reminder of how quickly toddlers can get into things that they’re not suppose to.  One minute they’re playing quietly on the rug and you turn your head for a brief second and they’ve wandered off. 
Thus, the Collingsworths decided to help spread the word about water safety with the start of the Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation.  They hope to emphasize the importance of practicing proper water safety procedures by telling their story at benefits, children’s events and more.  Blake Collingsworth even wrote a book, Josh the Baby Otter, for young children that teaches them to never go never water without an adult and to practice safe water habits.  The Collingsworths hope to help eliminate and reduce the number of children dying from drowning accidents with their efforts.
For more information on the Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation visit their website here.
How You Can Help
You can help the Blake and Kathy Collingsworth continue to spread their message to children and adults by making a monetary donation, attending the annual Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Benefit, purchasing a copy of Josh the Baby Otter and more.  
Click here to find out more ways you can get involved with this organization.
More 411
Or Write:
Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation
PO Box 21712
Lincoln, NE 68542
Or Call:
(402) 730-3232
Or Email:
Blake Collingsworth
Kathy Collingsworth
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