Audubon Nature Institute

Audubon Nature Institute’s mission is help preserve native Louisiana wildlife by enhancing the care and survival of animals with research and conservation.
Why You Should Support Them
We often think of zoos and nature institutes as just great places to visit and wholesome entertainment for the family.  However, they are nonprofits as well.  They do much more than collect animals for us to ooh and aww over.  
In fact, the Audubon Nature Institute actually works to protect endangered animals through tons of conservation and research efforts.  The Zoo helps to save these endangered animals by giving them a safe a place to breed, studying their breeding habits and even releasing those endangered species back into protected areas of the wild.  By releasing the animals, Audubon Nature Institute is helping to rebuild and replenish wildlife that would otherwise be extinct.
Also, during the oil spill in the Gulf, the Zoo assisted in efforts in to save and rehab marine wildlife that were affected.  They cleaned and nursed sick animals back to excellent health and housed them safely in their Aquatic Center.  Audubon not only cares about animals but the environment as a whole.  They became the first caterer in Louisiana to be certified green.
Through supporting organizations like Audubon Nature Institute, we are giving animals a fighting chance and making strides to be better to Mother Earth.  For more information click here.
How You Can Help
There are many ways to help Audubon Nature Institute.  If you enjoy working one on one with animals, you can always sign up to be a volunteer at the Zoo.  You can also help Audubon to continue to keep its doors open and be safe haven for animals by making a financial donation.  Money goes towards food for the animals, medical expenses, upkeep on the living areas and so much more.
More information on how you can get involved click here.
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