And You Call This An Easter Egg Hunt?

Happy Good Friday to All.  I just want to first take the time out to say how thankful I am that Jesus loved us all enough to die for our sins and that God had enough mercy that He sent his ONLY son here to Earth to give us the gift of eternal life.  Eternal life is better than anything you could ever buy from Tiffany and Co.  Next, I want to apologize for having kind of neglected my blog.  I’ve been ubber busy with trying to keep the ball rolling on my YUMM brand.

Now that we have that out of the way….  Let me tell you, I have been waiting for the day when Moo would be able to appreciate the fun and novelty of things like opening presents Christmas morning, Trick-or-Treating, etc.  Well, she’s 15 months and finally walking.  So, I decided that it would be a great idea to take her to an Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by our town at the local park this past Wednesday.  I was super excited thinking about the thousands of eggs they’d have scattered about for the kids to find.  And I grew especially excited when they advertised that there would be a few golden eggs that you could redeem for a special prize mixed in.

They also advertised cash give-a-ways and an appearance by the Easter Bunny as well as a moon bounce and slide.  I think that my inner child was wiggling with delight at thoughts of all the wonderfulness that I was sure would take place.  I was so excited that I made a status post about it on Facebook. Memories of past Easter Egg Hunts from when I was a child danced in my head.  I remember all the fun my siblings and I had and all of the free goodies we got.

So, you can imagine my extreme disappoint when I showed at the park and saw that the Egg Hunts, I had experienced and been dreaming of was just that-a dream. From what I could see as I drove up the Easter Egg Hunt they had advertised looked more like one big moon bounce and slide party.  First, we had a hard time finding the registration table to drop off our hunting licenses.  Then, the PA System they were using was so crappy, you could barely hear as they counted down to the beginning of the hunt.

Walking to the football field, where the 5 and under were suppose to hunt, I reminded myself that finding one of those golden eggs would make it all worth while.  Only when I reached the starting line, what I remembered as being thousands of scattered eggs was more like twenty scattered eggs.  My little sister turned to me and said “We came out in this hot weather for this?  Five stinking eggs?”  I thought I was the only one who could clearly see that there was something very wrong with the number of eggs that had been put out?

I could hear other parents crumbling about the lack of abundance of eggs.  This wasn’t some last minute Egg Hunt thrown together by a local family.  This was an event organized by Town Hall.  The economy is bad but I mean we have a Dollar Tree and other Dollar stores they could have went to and purchased eggs.  Then to make matters worse they announce that instead of having golden eggs, they put slips of gold paper in a few of the eggs.

Just freaking fantastic.  The hunt starts and you have parents mowing over other children in an effort to make sure that their daughter/son is one of the few who gets an egg.  And of course, we all want to be one of the few who find an egg with a slip of paper in it at least.  Literally, the whistle blew at 5:30 and the hunt ended exactly 5:32.  I could not believe it.  This was a huge waste of time and excitement.

I looked down and saw that between Moo and I, we had succeeded in only collecting five pastel colored eggs.  As my sister and niece came walking back towards us, I saw that she had collected only five eggs as well. So, we decide to check and see if we had an egg with a gold slip of paper. No luck. Just a bunch of candy. As we look around, we see that all the other parents are cracking open eggs in search of gold slips too. Nothing.

So, as we’re walking away from the football field, we see lots of kids with sad faces.  Many complaining that they didn’t even get a single egg.  One little girl cried as she said “Mommy, I only got half a egg.”  I felt bad for her. I thought about Moo and my niece and how crushed they would have been if they hadn’t gotten any eggs either. I was momentarily grateful for their five eggs each.

It’s easy to get children’s hopes up.  And as adults when we don’t deliver what we’ve promised they end up crushed, hurt and in tears.  Sure there was a nice big moon bounce and a giant bouncy slide, but what about the Eggs and special prizes and the mia Easter bunny?  I can’t believe they took the time to advertise that hot mess they tried to pass off as an Easter Egg Hunt.  Next year, I will stick to my usual backyard Easter Egg Hunt where I hide at least 60 eggs just for my niece and Moo to find.

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