Fashion Find: Huge Wonder

Are you a fan of The Godfather movies, John Travolta or The Twilight Zone?  Do you breastfeed, recycle or support World Peace?  Well, guess what?  Huge Wonder has created a line of ‘whimsical pop culture clothing for babies and kids.’  My favorite designs are:

The Breastfed Club (love for obvious reasons)
Saturday Night Teether (Saturday Night Fever.  Classic Movie)
The Godchild (Need to get one to give this cute shirt to)
Recycle (Huge supporter of being GREEN!!)

About Huge Wonder
“Huge Wonder is Austin-based and family-run. The idea for the business came about when we realized that the market for children’s clothes is saturated with stale designs and pale colors. We wanted a new baby wardrobe with interesting graphic designs and lots of hip choices that came in the color black. Something that made people smile even more at our baby, and which reflected the whimsical aspect of childhood while being rooted in popular culture. What better way to do that than to parody our favorite music, movies, tv shows, and art into children’s versions? We’ve also added the iconographic Signs and Symbols sections just for fun. Now, with the addition of Gnome Hats and Karate Pants in all sizes to match any shirt, we are excited to present our first collection of witty pop culture clothing for kids everywhere.”
I hope that you guys will shoot on over Huge Wonder and scoop up some of their amazing designs.  Also, I would like to mention that they silk screen all their shirts by hand and that all of their shirts are made of 100% Cotton from American Apparel and Rabbit Skins.  As parents we know that 100%  Cotton is the best fabric for out little ones’ skin.  So let’s support this US made and based business!!!

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