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Dress for Success Charlotte’s mission is “to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.”
Why You Should Support Them
Imagine that you’ve been unemployed for some time and you finally receive a job interview through an employment agency.  You’d be thrilled right?  Then, you look into your closet and realize that you have nothing interview worthy to wear.
No worries, that is where Dress for Success Charlotte comes into play.  They work with not-for-profit and government job agencies to help dress hundreds of no and low-income women for their job interviews.  Each woman is provided with two suits, shoes, cosmetics, accessories and hygiene products.  With the necessary items to look great on the outside for their job interview these women are given a confidence boost. on the inside.
Let’s face it, we all feel our best when we look our best!  Not to mention that first impressions on a job interview is everything.  While our clothes should not define us or hinder people from truly getting to know us when it comes to employment they can do just that.  You might give the most fantastic interview ever but all the interviewer can remember is that hole in your shirt under the right arm.
Dress for Success Charlotte works to make sure that employers are able to focus on what you’re saying and the skills you can bring to their company.  And if hired, guess what?  Dress for Success Charlotte will also help to jump start your new work wardrobe by providing you with up to five outfits.  Do you know that with a little mixing and matching you can create over 25 different outfit combinations?
Dress for Success Charlotte also provides training and teaching about workforce etiquette, how to balance career and family, achieving financial independence and more through its Professional Women Group organization.
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How You Can Help
Being a nonprofit, Dress for Charlotte depends mostly on the support and donations of the community to keep its doors open and to be able to provide everything that is does to its clients.  You can help them continue to give no and low-income women a fighting chance on job interviews by making financial donations.  
They also accept clothing donations to help stock their merchandise and outfit selections.  And of course, they are always looking for volunteers to assist them as well.
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