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Back in the Rodeo

While it’s not hard to believe that I just delivered five days ago, it is hard to believe that I am not completely exhausted.  I mean I was like ready to pass out tired after I had Moo.  This time around I am much less tired and drained. I guess it’s because I’ve been chasing after a busy two year old my entire pregnancy and my body has gotten used to being in high energy mode.

I had forgotten that babies sleep so much.   I mean literally all JJ wants to do is sleep, eat and poop.  Speaking of poop, he really poops a lot!!!  His every waking moment seems to be spent getting his diaper changed by Daddy of course. We made a deal that I’ll breast feed and he’ll do the diapers. SCORE!!

I have to admit that the hubby and I bumped heads on the whole breastfeeding thing in the hospital the first two days.  Monday, I went to sleep only to wake up later on that night and see three bottles of formula sitting on the table next to me.  I was confused because I know that in my birthing plan/wishlist I had specifically requested that no formula be given to JJ.  I turned to voice that much to my husband and spotted him feeding JJ a bottle!!

I was mad!!  I know that some people say this shouldn’t have been such a big deal, but he already knew that I want to give JJ breast milk exclusively. And we even went out and got a breast pump so that he could be part of the feedings as well. So, why would he give JJ a bottle of formula.  Doesn’t he know that the first few days are crucial to getting babies to latch on and forming their milk preferences.  Needless to say I had to break him down a notch.  I thought he had gotten the message until he asked if he could give him a bottle the next day.

At that point, I wanted to kind of wanted go up side his head.  Was he trying me?  I gave him the don’t mess me with me look.  Thankfully, that was the end of the milk battle and the formula sat untouched the remainder of our stay.  That third day I woke up in such pain in my breasts.  Yep, you guessed it…I was engorged!!

I couldn’t believe how quick my milk had come in and that so much of it had come in.  I made sure to nurse JJ for every feeding and pumped once.  The lactation specialist paid me a visit and told me that I shouldn’t pump excessively because it would trick my body into thinking that I had twins and then I’d be permanently engorged.

Well, I hate to say it but I think that I’m going to have to start pumping more because I’m still engorged and it’s spread to under my right arm.  It’s very uncomfortable. So, I’m going to make an appointment for Monday if I can’t get it to go down.

There wasn’t in any tearing this time around. THANK GOD!!  I was so surprised because JJ only weighed an ounce less than Moo when she was born.  However, he seems so much smaller. I mean my poor baby is skinny.  I have to fatten him up.

This time around though, the hubby took paternity leave and now has new appreciation for me as a mom.  He sees first hand what all goes into taking care of a newborn. Yes, they sleep a lot but they’re up it’s nonstop attention and things to do.  He told me a million times that he can’t imagine how I made it with Moo during the day while he was at work.

I’m trying not to do everything but at the same time I don’t want to get dependent on his doing too much because he’ll be back to work before I know it. I mean his three weeks are almost up. It’s Friday and time just seems to have flown by already.  However, I am grateful to have his help and to see him bonding with our son.  The pride and joy that I see in his eyes just melts my heart.

Overall, I’m really glad to be back in the rodeo of having a newborn.  Although, this pregnancy was unexpected, it is a great blessing.  In fact, we’ve decided that we may want to add more to our family. Shocker, I know because I’ve been doing nothing much talking about how JJ would be our last baby.  But seeing him come out of the womb and holding him just opened our eyes to what a gift having babies really is.

We’re not going to be like 19 Kids & Counting but we do want to add at least one more in the future when we’re settled into our dream house and my career has taken off and we’re both financially able to contribute to the household finances.  My heart is just so full and it feels like life can only get better for us from this point forward.

9 thoughts on “Back in the Rodeo

  1. Try a cabbage leaf inside your bra – but only for about 30 minutes or so. Honestly, it will decrease the engorgement but if used too much, it can dry up the milk! Also, the cold leaf feels great.
    Now, you might crave slaw or egg rolls:)

  2. @Debbie-Oh I totally forgot about the cabbage leaf. I am going to get one tomorrow. Thanks!!

  3. @Debbie-Oh I totally forgot about the cabbage leaf. I am going to get one tomorrow. Thanks!!

  4. LOL @ 19 kids and counting. I am so happy that all is well and precious JJ is here. Rest well. Have you tried warm compresses to help with the engorging?

  5. LOL @ 19 kids and counting. I am so happy that all is well and precious JJ is here. Rest well. Have you tried warm compresses to help with the engorging?

  6. Congratulations!!…men is all I can say…they have no clue about being pregnant , birth and pretty much anything after that. I hope your feeling better…maybe try expressing some milk in a hot shower to relieve the pain.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  7. Congrats on the birth!! I love your blog, would you like to follow eachother? That way we can keep in touch 🙂


  8. Thx ladies for the tips. I will try them.

  9. Thx ladies for the tips. I will try them.

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