Wishful Wednesday

Ok, I’m pretty sure that what I’m about to share is probably TMI, but I’ve read worst on other blogs.  And besides I’ve come to think of some of you as really good friends.  So, here goes…. As you all know, I have a little shadow that follows me everywhere.  And I do mean everywhere.  She’s about 30″ tall, 23 lbs and has the cutest smile and biggest brown eyes that will just melt your heart.

So, Sunday, I’m in the bathroom doing my thing and in walks my shadow right on cue.  Of course, I’m completely used to this and I’ve given up on closing the door because she will simply stand outside and beat on it yelling “Ma, ma, ma, mommy, mommy” to the top of her lungs until I open it. And when I do open the door, her yelling turns to joyous “Mommyyyyyy…” as she pushes right past me.  Anyways, she comes in the bathroom and bursts into her random rambling of toddler gibberish mixed with plain English.  I just nod and say “yeah”, “really” or “she said what?”

Even though I don’t understand what the half things she says means, I still feel it’s important to pretend that I do.  And sometimes, I really try to sit and listen and try to understand if she’s asking for something.  But she has pointing down, so usually it’s just her rambling. But clearly, this time it was not just aimless chatter. No sooner had she finished her run-on sentence of gibberish did she proceed to pull down her pants and snatch off her diaper.  I was about to launch into a “why would you do that” rant when she came and sat down on the potty next to me.

Oh, my little heart leaped for joy.  I know you think I’m nuts. But do you have any idea what that small gesture means?  She’s ready for potty training.  I sort of figured that she has been ready to trade in her diaper for a pair of big girl panties because:

  1. She started taking an interest in mine whenever I would fold laundry.  She would always sort through the basket of freshly dried clothes and turn up with a pair of my panties to place on her head. LOL. (I’ll have to snap a photo for her scrapbook)
  2. She had started taking an interest in the toilet. No, she wasn’t playing in the toilet water, but she would watch it and always put the lid down. Also, she has mastered the art of working the handle.
  3. She snatched her diaper off in church two Sundays ago and promptly placed it on the floor.  Then she gave me that look like ‘I’m tired of that thing’ and proceeded to stalk away.  I was slightly embarrassed and wanted to disappear.  Yes, I’m THAT mom almost every Sunday.

So, you know what they say about signs-they come in threes.  Therefore, this Wishful Wednesday, my wish is that this potty training adventure will go as smooth as possible. I’m hoping and praying that she will be as easy to potty train as the hints she’s been throwing my way.  Wish us luck.

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