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My Weekly Ambition

I’m linking up again with Marika over at Ambitious Curls for My Weekly Ambition.  About last week, I totally did not exercise for 30 minutes like I was suppose to everyday.  Does chasing after kids count?  I did manage to write for an hour everyday.  However, it wasn’t necessarily an hour spent on my book.  So, I’m still playing catch up on that.  I did manage to start and end my days on a positive note though!  Here’s to hoping I do better this week!

To exercise for 30 minutes everyday.  I know Thanksgiving is coming up on Thursday and I didn’t exercise last week, but I’m determine to not be a failure this week.  I’ve got my workout gear and some workout videos are ready to go.  Goodbye to these last five pounds! (I’ve been doing good with watching what I eat though!)
To write for 5,000 in my novel each day this week.  The thoughts for future chapters and flowing faster than I can take notes to keep track of it all.  So, I’m focused on getting this novel finished by 5,000 words everyday this week.  I know that may seem like a lot, but I look at how many words I write a day in blog posts, blog comments, Facebook, tweets and Instagram and I feel awful because I definitely go over 5,000.  The pressure is on!
To have more patience.  I’ve been very impatient lately.  It seems like the littlest things set me on edge and I don’t like being this way.  I’m yelling at the kids and being short with the Mr when he’s here.  I could blame it on the stress of getting ready to meet JJ’s new speech therapist, Moo being a little bit more vocal in disagreements, the recent drama with the property manager and owner (racial profiling was involved) or issues that I’m going through with feeling like I’m not progressing with certain areas of success like I want to be.  At the end of the day, they’re just excuses.

I need to be real and put forth the effort to keep my patience and attitude in check. Point. Blank. Period.

What’s one challenge that you want to overcome this upcoming week?
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  1. Chasing behind the kids TOTALLY counts as a work out! Lol maybe some mommy time is needed to just regroup….GOOD LUCK!!

  2. Chasing behind the kids TOTALLY counts as a work out! Lol maybe some mommy time is needed to just regroup….GOOD LUCK!!

  3. Great habit! I'm all for the exercise habit. I too need to work on my patience 🙁 Thanks for linking up

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