Winning in Troubled Times

Whether we like it or not, we are indeed in troubled times.  Our economy is unstable, unployment rates are on the rise, major companies are going broke and let’s not even talk about the big oil spill that just recently occurred.  It’s time like these when we all need to be dependent on God more than ever.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to imply that the only time we need to rely on Him is when we are need.  What I’m saying is that we need to use our time of need as an avenue to deepen the relationship we already have with Him and the Bible.

As soldiers for Christ, we’re going to come across a boatload of hardships, storms and rough times.  However, if we have the right tools, skills and mindset we will emerge victorious and stronger than we were before.  Now, I’ve always been a fan, supporter or whatever you want to call it of Dr. Creflo Dollar’s ministry.  There are so many preachers out there who have made it to ‘Christian Hollywood’ and the fame and money has become their main focus.   Dr. Dollar is not like that.

I first started watching his sermons on TBN when I was like fourteen years old.  And I just felt touched by the messages he was preaching.  At first it felt strange because most teens aren’t exactly eager to get into the Word.  But I made a conscious choice to turn my life over to Christ at a young age and to live right as best I could.  So, on Sundays when my mother would gather us all up to sit in the living room and watch his sermons unlike my siblings who weren’t too happy, I would be setting on the edge of my seat hanging on to every word Dr. Dollar said.

My childhood was rough and my family didn’t have a lot.  And I desperately wanted to change my curcumstances and God was a way maker and miracle worker from what I’d read in the Bible and heard from other Christians.  So, I wanted to learn how to be a good servant and how to walk right and make my faith stronger.  Listening to his sermons it seemed as if someone had told him all our problems and he was trying to teach us how to speak to our mountains.

Well, here I am ten years later battling new issues and trying to move taller mountains as an adult, mom  and soon to be wife.  I have to admit that my relationship with God isn’t as strong as it should be but I’m working on fixing that.  Winning in Troubled Times: God’s Solutions for Victory Over Life’s Toughest Challenges by Dr. Creflo Dollar has motivated and enlightened me.  As God’s child I don’t have to suffer.  I can be victorious and live the life I’ve always dreamed.

In his book, Dr. Dollar shows us how we all can be winners during these and future times of trouble or need through lessons about trusting God no matter what, living the God wants us to have, dealing with our sins head on and so much more.  Reading this book has just renewed my outlook and my determination to get back on track and stay on track.  I don’t have to be a victim of my current curcumstances.  I can rise above them and you can rise above your curcumstances too.  Whatever they may be, God can make them better. 

I highly recommend this book to everyone-believers and non-believers.  Dr. Dollar isn’t just quoting scriptures here or rattling off commandments.  He actually gives personal and private examples from his past life and shares with you how he became the success man he is today.  He shares the journey he and his family made from being thousands of dollars in debt, stressed beyond belief to being blessed and highly favored.  I’d also like to encourage you all to visit his websites to learn more about his ministry for yourselves.

Don’t be content to lose the battle when you could be winning!

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