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Who tuned in for the Real Housewives of New Jersey season finale last night on Bravo?  I did!!  I’m not sure if I was more disappointed at the lack of Wow factor or happy that Ashley finally apologized for her attitude and disrespect after two seasons of talking back to her mother.  I was really hoping that they would confront Kim G and that Danielle would have another meltdown or a table flipping moment like Teresa.  Not such luck though.

I have to admit that I was a little bit sad that Dina felt the need to leave the show earlier this season.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that they’d finally show her husband. No such luck on that either.  Plus, Dina is just truly a charming lady and doesn’t seem to bother anybody.  She always seemed very bubbly and all about her cats.

Overall here is my opinion on all the ladies of Real Housewives of New Jersey:

She takes no prisoners when it comes to people messing with her family and loved ones.  She is by for the most sane of the group.  In a lot of ways her strenghth and the way she carries herself reminds me of the women in my family.  I love how she has the right balance of discipline and fun with her kids.  They always show her the utter most respect and don’t mouth off.

I would love to see her and Albert get a show on TLC about The Brownstone.  It would be pretty cool to see more of the events that go on there and really see the family in action working.  She’s also be great at writing about parenting and sharing her struggles, tips and techniques.

Last season she came off as the quiet, push over one of the group, but this season she’s found her voice a little bit.  Kudos to her for finally removing herself from the middle of the drama between her family and Danielle.  I was also glad to see her stand up to Ashley more and demand some respect.

If she wasn’t on the show, I’d see Jacqueline hosting one of those jewelry shows on QVC, HSN or the Jewelry Network.  She has the look, the voice and bubbly personality.  I think that shoppers would be able to relate to her because she comes from a normal background.  She started off as a struggling young single mom who met a nice rich prince charming by chance.  However, her downfall is often that she gives shady people the benefit of doubt too much.  It’s really hard for her to cut people out of her life before they cause problems.

I was really glad to see more of her husband though.  You can tell by the way he speaks up for her that he loves her and spoils her rotten.  And how cute is the baby?  Her and Teresa are so lucky to have been pregnant together.

She is quite the firecracker.  Not afraid to get hood  on you or take it to the streets.  She could certainly fit in with Nene and all those other ladies from the ATL.  I love how she’s not shy about her public displays of affection with Joe.  Remember “Spank me Joe. Spank me.” LOL.

I certainly think she and Joe might be the couple who does a little role playing or the fuzzy handcuffs behind closed doors.  In many ways, I see myself in Teresa.  I like nice things and can shop like nobody’s business.  I’m all about making sure the Moo looks nice and take pride in the appearance of my home.  I love pasta and just like Teresa cook for my man and love to entertain with friends.

I’m really curious to try some of recipes from her book, Skinny Italian. I’ve mentioned before that Moo’s great grandfather was half Italian.  I’d like to teach her more about her roots through cooking, books, etc.  Teresa and Joe would do well with a show documenting their efforts to make the pizzaria a success.  Kinda like the Cake Boss, but the Pizza Boss with their own spin on it.  I also discovered that Teresa and I both have backgrounds in fashion and that she has her own shop, TG Fabulicious

She is pretty much the drama starter of the show.  And this season I do think that she was out to get back at Teresa and Jacqueline for de-friending her and choosing Caroline over her.  At first it does seem like they were bullying her a bit, but once I learned about how she only read the responses of the emails and texts sent to her and omitted the fact that she was often the one to make first contact.  It’s easy to say look at what so and so sent me and make it seem like these people are out to get you.

I was little worried about her mental health in a few episodes.  And the fact that she hangs out with some pretty savory characters is  a red flag too.  But when it comes to parenting, I have to give it to her that her girls are well behaved and seem so humble.  It’s nice to see that positive side to her.

Kim G
She was just straight two faced and betrayed Jacqueline and Danielle.  She wasn’t a true friend to either of them.  I don’t see her returning for season three or at least I hope she doesn’t.  I think that since the show has aired and they have all seen her true colors and the fact that she’s not capable of being loyal to anyone the rest of the girls are going to steer clear of her.  Plus, she was totally putting on for the camera when she confronted Danielle in the restaurant.

That was the first time drama on the Real Housewives seemed scripted like The Hills or something.  Hopefully, they’ll find a suitable replacement.  I’d love to see some people of color on the show maybe a token black girl or a hispanic.  Super stoked to see what goes down on the reunion show.  Hope Andy doesn’t get smacked down trying to hold Teresa back. She doesn’t like people her grabbing her remember. LOL.

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