Thankful Thursday

We live in a society where so much is taken for granted.  Some of us walk around feeling we are entitled to world on a silver platter when aren’t already grateful for what God has already blessed us with. Open up your eyes people.  Our country is getting worse instead of better and it’s because we are setting positive examples.  Nobody is caring about their neighbor or even their own family for that matter. 

As my dear friend Kenya Mack posted on her Facebook, “Each one teach one.”  It’s time to bring back the ‘It takes a village’ mentality.  We keep saying our children are the future, but if we don’t instill in them the right values and morals there will be no future.  So, I want to do my part of increasing positive thinking by starting Thankful Thursday here on YUMMommy.  My life is far from perfect, but Lord knows it could be must more rough.

So without further ado, this Thursday I am thankful for:

My Life: I know so many people who have lost loved ones this month and it makes me that much more grateful that the Man Upstairs has been gracious enough to let me see another day.
My Moo:  Being a single mom is tough as nails, but I wouldn’t trade Moo for anything.  These last few months have been a battle field and I’ve come close to seriously loosing it on numerous ocassions, but the one person who keeps me motivated and driven is Moo.  I love that little girl with all that I am and will be.  I owe so much to her and am thankful that she (and God) chose me out of all the millions of women to be her mommy.  On the real she saved me.
My Family: We don’t always see eye to eye, but we always have each other’s backs.   It begins with family and ends with family.  We are a village that has been tried many times, but has yet to be broken.
Dreams:  I had once given up on my dreams, but I read something this past week that has renewed my focus.  I had forgotten what it was like to dream and aim big. So many people have written me off as so and so’s baby mama or the girl who came back home, but I am not defeated!!
I came back home because I wanted a safe place to raise my daughter until she was able to walk and talk.  Living in the Queen City was fun, but when bad crime started getting alittle to close for comfort I chose to not be selfish and do what was best for my unborn daughter.  Heaven forbid I would have stayed and somebody would have broken into our apartment while her dad was at work and she was still a newborn.
I would not have been adequately equipped to defend us.  So, it made sense to move home where my family was willing to help and come over to keep me company on those nights when we were home alone. And now that she’s older and can do a lot for herself, I feel better about apartment hunting in the city again.  I wasn’t staying in the hood before, but hey all parts of the city are getting bad.  More and more people are going into those good neighborhoods to steal and kill just because. But at least I’ve gotten used to the demands of being a first time mom and feel like I would have a fighting chance to ward off an attacker.
My Faith:  I can’t say enough about how my faith keeps me grounded.  I love having something to believe in and a guidebook for how I should live my life and raise Moo to live.  I know without a shadow of doubt that without the Bible, I would be lost.  I’ve gotten lost a few times since I’ve given my life to Christ, but for the most part I am a humble servant for the Lord.  I try hard not to judge and to walk the straight and narrow.
I hope that this post inspires somebody out there to remember to be thankful for all that they have.  And in being thankful, I hope that we will begin to change the way we think and the way we act.  Remember that change begins with you and through your actions you can inspire change in others. Each one teach one to inspire one!!

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