My Weekend WrapUp

I’m back!!!!!!  I’ve had a wonderful and trying four day weekend.  I never thought I’d be kind of happy to see the weekend come to end, but I was.  My four day weekend started on Friday and it wasn’t all that bad.  I got to do some shopping with my mother, baby sister, niece and Moo in Rockingham, NC.  I was a little sad that we had to return our lovely rental car though.

We had a 2010 fully loaded Jeep Liberty.  It was an eye catching shade of gold with glimmers of silver, rims and huge head lights.  The interior was all black.  It had Sirius XM radio, a cd player, a very spacious trunk (perfect for hauling diaper bags and other mommy stuff) and a roomy backseat.  For a whole ten days, we were in Car Heaven.  I think I fell in love just a little bit.  And while I knew our time together was limited, I couldn’t help getting attached.

Oh let me just add that I love the new HP Photo Printing Stations they’ve put in WalMart.  Instead of waiting hours for pictures to process, you can upload as many photos as you want and have them printed or burned to a disc in as little as 5 minutes!!!  Awesome.  And greatest thing is that prints only cost $0.28!!  You can put all your pictures on a cd for under $3.00 and print from home if you like.  You can create party and wedding invitations, birth announcements, calendars and much more on those things.

That is certainly my newest obsession.  I’ve already tried it out twice in one week.  As soon as I rack up another batch of pictures, I’m heading back for my third session.  I know it sounds a little crazy, but I enjoy being up on the latest technology.  And I’m one of those people who has like a million pictures in my phone or digital camera.  So, now I don’t have to get them all developed.  I can pick the ones I want to get made and put the others on a cd that can be mailed to family or friends and uploaded to my computer.  The cds are a great way to keep pictures too because computers crash all the time and in case of a fire or emergency I keep them in a box that  I can pick up and take.

Saturday was a lazy day for me and the fam.  I helped my mom weed through her wardrobe and get rid of some of her older pieces.  I’m talking about stuff she’s had since I was a baby.  We’re slowly but surely trying to move her up in time in terms of fashion and technology.  She’s getting there a little bit though.  But I was actually proud of her for getting rid of over five bags worth of stuff.  I know this seems like a lot, but trust me she still has more that she could part with.  However, for now we’ll take any small victory that we can get.

Later that afternoon it was discovered that we had left our steaks for the 4th in trunk of the car.  Needless to say the heat had cooked them and we had throw them out along with some other stuff we had gotten.  Let’s just say we learned our lesson about shopping and grocery shopping.  Your mind forgets that you’ve gone grocery shopping when you start to buy clothes, shoes and stuff.  Luckily though, I had steaks in the freezer from my last trip to the grocery store.

Now, Sunday we got a new pastor.  And let me just say oh boy is he tall!  I’m talking Shaq tall people.  He’s relatively young, but I can already tell that he is one of those by the book, drill sergeant types.  I’m not so sure how long he’ll be with us.  I think that he will certainly whip our loose ends into shape, but I’d like to see him work on becoming a little bit more warm and cordial.  I take my faith seriously and if there’s a disconnect then I have no problems moving on.  But I’ll give him a month to really get a feel for how he is.

I was also in charge of our firework show!!  I love fireworks too.  I know that I should probably to be over the excitement of such things, but I’m not.  I enjoy all things celebration related, especially fireworks.  We put on quite the show for our neighbors and the passerbys.  One of my sister’s friends even stopped by and burned Sparklers with us.  Moo chose to watch from the safety of the car with my mom and niece.  They love the lights, but can’t stand the sound. LOL.

On Monday, let’s just say we were all a little stir crazy.  Day four was just  a little more weekend than we could handle.  Plus, the heat was blazing and not helping any of our moods.  My mom and I kind of got into a slight disagreement in which she said some hurtful things.  I just kind of listened and didn’t reply.  I’ve learned from my childhood years that it’s pretty much useless to answer to anything she says when she’s in her moods.  It only makes her rant and rave more.  So, upset and pissed as hell, I took off for a walk to clear my mind.

I don’t know what I was thinking because halfway to downtown, I felt like passing out.  Pushing a stroller in jeans and heavy sneakers under a 98 degree sun is no joke.  I could have had a heat stroke but at the time it seemed worth it.  I feel like I haven’t been a burden on my mother at all.  Out of all of her children, I’m always the one she can turn to for help whether it be financially, babysitting or whatever.  So, of course I’ve written a little bit about my nasty split from a year ago that left me a little down on my luck, but I have to say that I haven’t been taking advantage of my situation to bum off my family.

Yet, at times my mom tries to make me feel that way.  I have to constantly remind her that I pull my weight around the house and then some.  It is only then that she tries to apologize and come off her high horse, but of course her words have been said and my spirit broken.  So, I’m looking forward to moving later on this year.  I’ve found a nice place an hour away and it’s currently getting the last remodeling touches put on it.

I can’t express how trying it’s been to adjust to being back home.  I thought it was going to be great because my mom is a single mom and I’m a single mom.  I figured we’d bond more and she said she would feel more comfortable with me staying with her instead of living by myself with a baby.  I quickly started to question whether she was really being truthfully.  It felt like a part of her was hoping that I’d decline her offer and maybe I should have.  But I’ll take this as a lesson learned.

I’m getting back to my independence and my freedom!!  Glad that this chapter of my life is coming to close and that a new one is on the horizon.  Hope that you all had a blessed weekend and will have an even more blessed week!!!  Oh, congrats to Future Mama!!!  She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this weekend!!!

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