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Return of the Moo

Greetings!!!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I certainly did.  Friday, my wonderful and loving mommy decided to keep Moo for the weekend.  I wasn’t really expecting her to offer, but when we stopped by for a visit, I guess she saw how pooped out I looked.  Moo’s sleeping schedule has been kind of crazy these last couple of days.  Last Thursday she didn’t go to bed until well after 3 AM Friday morning!!

I was thrilled that my mom offered, but kind of nervous at the same time.  This was going to be the first time Moo and I were away from each other since she’s been born!!  Yes, in her two years on this earth I have never been apart from her for more than an hour.  I was also worried because my mom has a tendency to feed Moo food she’s not suppose to have and then we have a rash situation on our hands or end up in the ER.  However, my mom promised not to give her anything I wouldn’t approve of.

So, as the hubby and I prepared to head out the door, I couldn’t help but feel a heaviness weighing in my heart.  Was I really going to leave Moo?  Was I being selfish?  Would she miss me?  What if she woke up during the middle of the night looking for me and I wasn’t there?  I had a million questions running through my head.  My mom saw my uncertainty and ushered me right out the door. LOL.

I was surprised to discovered that Moo was missing me very little when she called to tell me good night.  In fact, I doubted she was missing me at all.  She hadn’t even cried once when she discovered I was gone.  No, my child was busy laughing it up and watching NickJr while snacking on chips and juice.  She was having so much fun she didn’t even want to talk to me.  I felt a little hurt.

A part of me wanted her to miss me and be begging for me to come back and get her.  The same routine followed on Saturday.  She was too busy to talk to me.  Grandma had gotten her all of her favorite snacks and a cool pair of pullups that made her feel like a Big Girl.  Her and my niece had poured just about every toy they owned out on the floor and were having the time of their lives.  She did pause long enough to give me a phone kiss and tell me bye before she ran off to get into more mischief.

Meanwhile, back here I was able to look at some houses online.  I found some great ones that were in our budget and had amazing space.  Saturday, I even enjoyed a Mom’s Day Out over at one of my friend’s.  She had just had her baby girl and I knew she could probably use the company and a little break.  We had a blast catching up and discovered that our childhoods were actually quite similar.  I think we certainly connected on a deeper level.

Plus, I learned that her new house is only like 15 minutes away from me.  I mean I never knew she was moving to the house right the down the street from our grocery store.  So, we vowed to visit each other at least once a week.  She has two kids and I will soon have two kids.  So, we are looking forward to our babies growing up together and becoming friends like us.

I can’t wait for cookouts in the summer time.  Sunday, I enjoyed some window shopping at the mall.  I fell in love with some pretty cute bassinets at Pottery Barn Kids.  I love that store.  I’m going back to stock up on cute frog towels for Moo.  My husband thinks I’m crazy to buy a $25 towel for a two year old but he just doesn’t understand you can’t put a price on quality and cuteness.  Plus, if he only knew how much money I’ve spent at that store already-books, toys, etc.

It felt good to get out and see some familiar faces and get some ideas about somethings to keep my eye on for all the after Christmas sales.  I was surprised that my morning sickness didn’t start acting up too.  But I was about ready to pass out walking back to the car.  I don’t know something about packing on all these baby pounds doesn’t sit well with my body.  I was out of breath and my legs hurt.

I told my hubby that we needed to seriously look into getting me a scooter.  He just laughed of course.  Men!  And then we were off to pick up my Moo.  We both had missed her something awful and were looking forward to having her chattering voice back home.  We got to my mom’s house and she wasn’t even home.  My mom has a tendency of doing that too.  She knew we were coming and had assured me she would be home by 8 o’clock.

Anyways, we didn’t have too long of a wait before they pulled up.  My Moo was feasting on fries from McDonald’s (her favorite) and a hamburger.  She was glad to see me and quickly left Grandma behind.  She had missed me!!  The entire ride home, she talked our heads off.  We even took the long way so that she could see all the outdoor lights and decorations.  And it started snowing halfway to the house. 

I was tickled pink.  I love love love love love snow!!!  However, to my dismay it didn’t stay cold enough this morning and my snow has melted into small puddles.  But I’m staying hopeful because the weather man is calling for more snow tomorrow.  Meanwhile, Moo and I have been watching NickJr and enjoying each other’s company.

12 Days till Christmas!!!

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