Fashion Find: Red Snapper Baby Line

As a parent, one of the most important things to me (besides Moo’s health) is making sure she looks good.  (If you look good, you feel good, and you’ll perform good.)  I feel like regardless of whether or not I look put together she will.  I’m always looking for pieces that are different and have cool graphics.  I want her to develop a self appreciation for being an individual and having her own unique style at an early age.

Another important aspect of clothes shopping for Moo is material.  She’s an Excema and allergy baby.  Therefore, I like to make sure all her shirts and most of her bottoms are 100% cotton and her dresses at least 50% cotton.  Cotton is just so soft and breathable.   It won’t irritate her skin.

Anyways, back towards the end of May, I stumbled across this new children’s line called Red Snapper.  One of the things that caught my eye about Red Snapper was their garments were made with 100% cotton.  They’re also machine washable. We all know most designer clothing isn’t machine washable.  And as I’ve stated many times over, I like bargains.  And if I can get designer clothing that is machine washable, I don’t mind fronting the cost.

And I know adults in general understand the comfort of wearing tagless shirts.  There’s nothing more annoying than an itchy tag or a tag that won’t stay tucked in. Thankfully, Red Snapper understands that babies and toddlers enjoy that same comfort.  The second thing that caught my eye were their cool graphics and red snap.

And Red Snapper has proudly partnered with the American Women Veterans non-profit organization.  When you purchase one of the adorable garments below 10% of the proceeds will go towards helping female veterans and their families.
I encourage you all to give Rob, Jen and Baby Phenix a visit at Red Snapper.
About Red Snapper
Babies are inspirational. Redsnapper™ was born the day our first bundle of joy was. We quickly discovered how easily we would mis-snap our little girl’s shirts when in a rush and have to do it all over again! So we have created a patented red snap on all of our products for you to be able to get it right the first time, every time.

Redsnapper™ believes baby clothes should be as trendy and unique as ours are. We strive for all of our designs to be modern and stand out with style so that you and your baby do too!

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