Drums For Cures

Drums For Cures‘ mission is “to provide a vehicle for health entities and cancer societies to show communities the resources at hand to assist in directing and easing cancer concerns.”
Why You Should Support Them
Unfortunately, thanks to cancer I never got to know my father’s mom (my grandmother).  And sadly he never really got to know her that well either because she died when he was still really young.  However, my grandmother isn’t the only one in our family that cancer has attacked.   Some of you might remember last month, I wrote about how three people in my family were recently diagnosed with different forms of cancer.  Thankfully, one of those persons went in for a second opinion and miraculously the lumps and everything were gone.
For the other two, their cancer treatment is well under way and they are doing as well as can be expected.  The cancer is responding to the meds and other treatments they are taking.  Sometimes, I wonder if those in my family had been more proactive and more informed about the history of cancer in our family if they would have gotten tested annually so that their cancer could have gotten detected sooner?
Thank goodness for organizations like Drums For Cures that are focusing on community awareness when it comes to cancer.  Started by Scott Swimmer, a cancer survivor, believes “that research, education and support needs to be fortified through community and government efforts.”   By making sure that we are all well informed on the different cancer prevention methods, early detection, alternative treatments and therapies, and more we can not only help ourselves but our loved ones.
And to make sure that communities know how important it is be well informed, Drums For Cures hosts Drum Strong,  “multicultural, musical, charity events  showcasing available resources that support people with cancer and those that love them.”  During Drum Strong, individual drumming teams take turns playing their drums.  Funds are raised via sponsorship and then those monies are divided up and sent off to different cancer charities and foundations.
For more information on Drums For Cures click here.
How You Can Help
There are many ways you can help Drums For Cures.   You can make a monetary donation, by becoming a sponsor or even by forming your own drum team!  For other ways that you can assist this organization in fighting cancer click here.
More 411
Or Write:
Drums For Cures, Inc.
725 Providence Rd #210
Charlotte, NC 28207
Or Call:
(704) 375-7177
Or Email:
Scott Swimmer
Don’t forget to donate $1 to help raise funds for one of the highlighted charities and be entered to win one of our amazing prizes.  The more you donate, the more chances you have to win!


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