Caution Unstable Walker Coming Thru

Happy Friday Everyone!!  The weekend is finally in sight.  Yippeee…  I am so glad this week is coming to an end.  I had the scare of my life on Tuesday.  So, if you are my Facebook page or read my Selfish post, then you would know that my little Moo is my whole life.

Well, after a CAT Scan and visit to a bone specialist, Moo finally decided it was high time for her to start walking.  We discovered her bowed legs were the culprit behind her delayed walking, but that the issue would correct itself.  Obviously even though I put on almost 100 pounds and looked like I had a circus ten under my shirt for nine months, she was still cramped for space.  I blame my tumors.

They took up valuable space that she needed to stretch her legs.  And sleeping in her much loved fetal position post womb only bowed her legs out more.  So, now we finally walking and running everywhere.  I thought the excitement over achieving such a milestone would never wear off.  Boy was I wrong.  She gets into twice as much stuff and in stores, we steer clear of any aisle with breakables.  Just last Friday, she pulled down a whold box of water guns.  I promise my face was bright red from embarrassment as they all clanked loudly to the floor and customers gave me that ‘control your child’ look.

Anyways, back to Tuesday’s events.  So, I’m in the dining room (which is open to the living room) working on my line of custom totes and accessories called Nizhoni Sky.  I’ve rented a booth at the Yard Sale of the Carolinas for May 1st in Chesterfield, SC.  So, I really needed to work on as much as possible to prepare.  I’m in the process of ironing one tote when an argument over a couch pillow breaks out between my Moo and my four year old niece.

Moo decides to get one of the larger couch pillows and starts making her way to me in the dining room.  Like a proud mom, I’m standing there looking on thinking about time has flown and how thankfully I am that she is finally walking.  She decides it’s a good time to play ‘put the pillow over my eyes and try to walk’ and ends up tripping over her feet.

At first I didn’t really think her fall was that bad.  I’ve seen some kids take a bad fall before and hers was nothing compared to theirs.  But as I went to help her up, I turned her over and almost screamed.  Her face was swollen in her T-zone area.  Worst she had started to cry.  I hate it when she cries.

But at the sight of her swollen face, it wasn’t the crying I was all the concerned about.  I wanted to panic, but remained somewhat calm.  I didn’t know what was wrong with her.  All sorts of bad thoughts popped in my mind. What if she fractured her skull or her nose?  So, we loaded up and off I sped to the hospital. Four hours later, she was diagnosed with a contusion.  She damaged a blood vessel from the fall but would be recovered with 3 to 5 days.  Oh my Moo was safe!!

Never have I been so scared.  Sincw then she has been confined to her walker her safety purposes.  She hates it at first but eventually calms down and starts rolling around like nobody’s business.  And here I was worried about her getting hurt with dad and it was me I needed to be worried about.  I am so going to keep her in the walker until she is more sturdy on her feet at least.

If only she had come with a Caution New Walker sign or something. I am to report that she has already recovered from her fall with a little help from Grammie and food.  She is back to her dare devil ways climbing on stuff and being the fearless child that I once was.  I can only chaulk this up to karma.  I gave my mom lots of near heartaches with my dare devil schemes and now Moo is doing the same to me.

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