Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday!  This has been a pretty good week.  I want to jump right in and say that I’m thankful that today marks my first official week of participating in NaBloPoMo and that so far I haven’t missed a day of posting here on YUMMommy!  I’m enjoying the challenge of deciding to what to write about everyday outside of my weekly posts.  Looking forward to week 2!
And JJ had his official evaluation on Monday.  Our case worker came over with a speech therapist and a behavioral therapist.  They watched how JJ interacted me, Moo and themselves.  It was almost like one big play date.  I’m thankful to report that they are hopeful that we can get him talking soon.  He doesn’t show any signs of autism which was my main concern as well as the Mr’s.
After the evaluation, I was able to tell them two goals I wanted to work on with JJ for the next few weeks.  So, my first goal is to get him back to saying mommy and daddy.  The speech therapist gave me a few exercises that I can do with him to help reach this goal.  So far so good.  We’ll be doing speech therapy twice a week.  I wanted to start with a more aggressive routine first and then gradually wean him once we get him to where he needs to be.
I’m thankful that the Mr has been doing training this week and has been able to be at home with us at night.  The kids have loved having him home at night.  And I can tell that he’s loved being able to spend more time with them too.  They wrestle and watch movies until their hearts are content.  It also gives me some time alone and time to cook dinner without two little busy bodies in the way.
What’s on your gratitude list?

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  1. Mrs. Pancakes

    November 10, 2013 at 5:01 am

    my hubby works at night sometimes too and that's the worst thing ever….i LOVE having him at home!!

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