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YUMMommy Receives Trendy Blog Award!!!

I am proud to announce that Mommy Glow has bestowed YUMMommy with the Trendy Blog Award!! 

This is our very 1st blog award.  I feel so honored and humbled that anybody would think of my blog as trendy.  I always thought of my blog as being different or unique. Now it’s great to be able to officially add trendy to my description.  As I accept this award, I just want to thank God first of all for giving me the courage and strength to put myself out here the way that I do.  I want to thank my mom because without her, I wouldn’t be here. 
And I have to thank my lovely daughter, Moo.  She has been the topic of many of my posts already and I’m sure that she will continue to be going forward.  Thank you to all my supporters and friends who keep me encouraged and motivated.  Thank you to all the silent stalkers who come by and read my posts but can’t bring themselves to comment.  Your presence is still greatly appreciated.
And finally, I would like to nominate the 8 (well 9 because I’m going to renominate Mommy Glow) Trendy blogs listed below for a Trendy Blog Award of their own:
To receive this award,you must share this with 8 other blogs that you think are Trendy!
1. Post about your award in your blog.
2. Share with your fellow bloggers.
3. Ask recipients to give this award out to 8 as well
Be blessed guys!!
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