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It’s hard to believe that in just 7 more days Christmas will be here!!  I’m tickled with excitement.  I just a few gift cards to pick up for some people that have proven to be a little harder to shop for than I expected.  Besides that I’m completely ready for the Big Day!!  I’m so looking forward to seeing the joy on Moo’s face when she opens up her gifts.  There will be lots of photos posted on Facebook.

Speaking of photos, we only have two photos in our YUMMommy Facebook page Happy Holidays 2010 album.  So, don’t forget to either upload your photos yourself or you can send them to me via email: yummommy@gmail.com.  Can’t wait to see what everybody’s tree and decorations looks like.  Plus, it’s just a great way to get some conversation going and add some more cheer to the holiday season.

We did get some snow earlier and I was all excited and thrilled about it until I looked outside two hours later and saw that the rain was washing my snow away.  So, we just have slush instead.  I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into frozen ice because the hubby has to go out to protect and serve tonight.  And I want the roads to be clear when he drives home in the morning.  However, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that it will snow tomorrow and for Christmas.  Or maybe I should save up and invest in buying a mountain house.

But then I’ll want a horse drawn sleigh and some horses to go with it.  Yes, I’ve been watching one too many Christmas movies. LOL.  Seriously, though snow and horses are two of my favorite things in this world besides food and the internet.  I’m going to really miss the horses on the farm across the street when we move though.  However, upgrading to our forever home and leaving behind this duplex isn’t a bad tradeoff.

I already have thoughts of hosting dinner parties, clothing swaps and playdates dancing in my head.  Idk how the hubby is going to feel about that but he’ll get with the program.  I’ll make sure to host my clothing swaps and playdates while he’s out and about.  But I’m looking forward to introducing him to some of the other dads whose wives are in the playgroup  I’m a member of.  I think it’ll be healthy for us to have some friends in common.

Because as it stands right now we have none.  There are his friends and then I have mine.  Plus, our relationships have changed with most of our friends.  I’m married now and soon to be a mom of two.  So, a lot of my friends have kind of pulled away.  I don’t know what that’s about either.  Lifestyle changes I guess, but I’m glad to be making new friends.

I’ve talked to my mom a record of six times already today.  I’m sure we’ll talk to each other at least twice more before I go to bed. Anyways, she has tons of stuff for Moo for Christmas. I did inform her that some of that stuff would be remaining at her spot because this duplex just can’t accommadate all of that.  Not to mention, I have this fear about Moo getting too spoiled.

It seems like my mom was in a competition to out shine us this year.   I don’t mind though, but just wish she would have kept it in moderation.  I’m also going to be donating a few of Moo’s toys to our playgroup’s Charity committee.  She has a million dolls already but I just know she’ll get at least two more for Christmas.  I try to keep Moo humble because I feel like I spoil her enough. 

She’s the best dressed two year old I know.  Everything in her closet is designer just about.  She has Calvin Klien coats and jean, Kenneth Cole, Baby Phat and more.  What can I say I’m a bargain shopper.  And of course having worked in retail I know to buy a year ahead.  So after Christmas all the winter clothing will be dirt cheap and I’ll be stocking up on her some cute outfits for next year.  Now if only I could do that with shoes.

I’m also looking forward to Christmas dinner.  That was one of the things my mom and I talked about during our many phone conversations today.  Can’t wait to pig out on ham, turkey, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, green beans, collard greens, yams, corn bread and pies.  I’m keeping my finger crossed that she’ll make her sparkling punch like she used to.  She hasn’t made it since I was in the fourth grade.

Moo and I have been keeping warm inside watching Christmas movies on ABC Family and the Hallmark Channel.  I’m trying to cure my addiction to the Cooking Channel and Food Network.  So far I’ve done good and only watched one cooking show.  However, I’m sure that will change by tonight.  Gotta get ideas on some holiday pies to make.  It’s time I switched up my usual sweet potato pie recipe.

Speaking of cooking, did you all know that today is Bake Cookies Day?  Yep, I got this free cool calendar from Oriental Trading and it has all kinds of national holidays that I never knew existed on it.  So, I think that I’m going to pick up some cookies from the store before the hubby goes off to work and bake them with Moo tonight.  Bake cookies with your little ones too.  And if anybody has any good cookie recipes I’d love to hear them.

Well, I’ve rambled on enough.  Going back to my Christmas movie with Moo.

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