Office Daydreaming

It’s official, I need an office.  And I don’t mean a space to just escape to or hide out in.  When I first started this blog, it was a just space to share my story and find support.  Here I am three years later and I’ve been featured in two magazines, been recognized on the street and getting approached my major brands to work with them.  The success that my blog has reach is amazing to me.
I’m currently finding myself having to hunt down space to store files of important papers and emptying my closet to hold make room for packages.  I’ve realized that while a laptop is great, there’s nothing like having a desktop, especially when said laptop just dies on you.  Let’s not even mention the fact that I’ve been looking into getting one of those heavy duty all-in-one printers.  Plus, my old desk is beyond being on it’s last leg.  It’s literally being held up by a table and a wall.
So, what better to do than daydream about my dream office with a little help from Pinterest?  Here’s a little inspiration for what my future office will look like.
This will be my reminder to keep pushing forward on those days when I want to tell myself, “You can finish that tomorrow.” 

I saw this and immediately heard Slim Thug playing in my head. (Google it if you’re not familiar.)
I definitely need to see pictures of my darling family, especially the Mr and the kids.  They have given me so much motivation, encouragement and inspiration.  Seeing them is always the highlight of my day and an instant mood lifter!
Love the idea of using this as my desk chair.  However, it definitely need wheels on it and be able to swivel around.
I would love to have an L-shaped desk with this design carved into the back and side panels.  Not sure if I would leave the natural color of the wood exposed or if I would paint it.  I would definitely love to have a lucite top with rounded corners on it though.
Love the shape of this chair, but would definitely change the fabric on it.  I’d probably even add longer legs on it so it wouldn’t be so low to the ground.  Don’t want anybody struggling to get up.
Love this!  Silver is just is just so much more elegant and stylish to me.
Love the idea of being able to hideaway certain office equipment.  This is both an aesthetic feature and a security feature because you could always add a side lock.
Not a bad start so far, right?  Not sure what color scheme I would go with but I like colors that are light and refreshing.  Nothing too dark or somber.
Do you have a vision of a dream office?  What’s one thing that would be a must have?

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  1. Mimi

    November 6, 2013 at 4:22 am

    I can't wait to get to the point in here where I can put together a dedicated office space. It will likely be another year as we are having to attack everything one room at a time but I've been putting my ideas together so that I will be ready when the time comes.

  2. Houseful Of Nicholes

    November 6, 2013 at 8:05 am

    I love this entire set up! I especially love the hidden printer/fax/scanner. Now you have ME thinking!

  3. Kita

    November 6, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    What I did to have me a small space our den extends to our eating area nook we eat in the dining room so I tricked out the eating nook in the den to my small little office. I tell the kids all the time when they do bad things to step into my office and they be like mom it's the den….so lol

  4. Stefany Mari ❤

    November 7, 2013 at 1:22 am

    Wow that drawer/printer idea is genius!! I think an office is pretty much a must-have. I need one in my life.

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