NoFizz Charlotte

The mission of the NoFizz Charlotte is “to promote the importance of healthy hydration, proper nutrition, and the need for daily physical activity throughout the Carolinas.”

Why You Should Support Them
I am sure that most parents will agree that it can be a challenge getting children to eat healthy and maintain proper hydration.  And with schools allowing vending machines stocked full of greasy chips and sugary drinks, it gets even harder to make sure they having a balanced meal.  In addition, unless your child is playing sports physical activity seems like a thing of the past.

Well, NoFizz Charlotte is trying to change that.  They challenge both students and their families to say no to those sugary drinks and yes to water.  They also teach students and parents about the role healthy eating habits and having an active lifestyle plays in having a healthier body.  There are many of people out there who consume so many sodas and not so good drinks that it starts to damage their kidneys, liver and other organs.  Our bodies are made to only tolerate so much sugar and poor nutrition before it starts to shut down  and in some cases causes obesity.   

NoFizz Charlotte goes to schools, organizations and community centers throughout the Carolinas hosting educational outreach seminars and more to inform families of the dangers of improper nutrition and hydration choices.
.  For information on the NoFizz Charlotte click here.

NoFizz Charlotte is a registered 501(c)(3).

How You Can Help
You can help NoFizz Charlotte continue to spread their message by making a financial donation. The money collected goes towards funding their outreach programs, community events and more.  You can also take their 30 day challenge and help spread the word about how avoiding soda and choosing water has made your healthier.

 For a complete list of ways you can become involved with this organization click here.

Want More 411

Or Write:
NoFizz Charlotte
PO Box 1299
Davidson, NC 28036

Or Call:
(704) 787-3019

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