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My Weekend WrapUp

This weekend Jay dubbed me Moesha Stewart. LOL.  I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I look like singer and actress Brandy Norwood and of course my love of crafting and remodeling things like Martha Stewart  is just crazy.  Seriously, since moving into our new place I’ve made curtains for the kitchen and curtains for Moo’s bedroom.  Saturday and Sunday, I decided to attack the eye sour of a coffee table that Jay got from who knows where by giving it a coat of shiny black spray paint.  I have to admit that I thought one can of paint would have did the job, but of course it didn’t.

So, I ended up running out of paint on Saturday afternoon.  And then it started storming bad.  So of course I wasn’t about to drag Moo out into all that horrible weather for a can of paint.  And to make matters worse the table got rained on because I couldn’t get it back up on the porch after Jay left for work.  Thankfully, the rain didn’t wash any of the paint away.  And after a few hours in the hot afternoon heat, the table was ready for it’s second can of paint yesterday.

Moo and I headed off to the store and when we returned it was painting time!!  Now, Saturday Moo sat so good in her cute little lawn chair on the porch and watched as I sprayed the table.  So, I figured that since she had done so well on Saturday, she would do well Sunday.  Not the case.  She kept trying to climb up the porch steps and wonder off on me.  Sadly, I had to banish her back to the house with Jay.

She did not appreciate that and stood in front of the screen door crying the entire time.  I felt bad but what could I do?  I had to finish painting the table and I couldn’t let her get hurt playing on the steps or chance her running off into the road or an ant pile.  Luckily for her it didn’t take long before my can of spray paint ran out and I had to join her in the house.  This time I had learned my lesson and had Jay help me lift the table back on the porch before the ran started up again.

Also, I’m on the hunt for a new church.  We’re going to be going to my home church on the weekends that Jay has off but I would still like attend church here on the weekends that he has to work.  I feel like having a God a part of our life is going to help strengthen our relationship.  Not to mention since Jay has turned his life over to Christ, he needs to work on establishing his bond with the Lord.  It’s easy to get caught up in old habits and having a pastor and church family here can help keep us on track.

Hope that you guys really enjoyed your weekends as well.  And don’t forget to check out the great sales my sponsors have going on.

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