My Weekend WrapUp

Well, the three day weekend is officially over and it was back to business as usual. For me that included a day at the office, collecting some stuff from my sponsors (giveaway coming soon), Mommy Duty, and running other miscellaneous errands.  Anyways, I hope that everyone had an enjoyable weekend.  I certainly did. I felt so refreshed this morning that I rolled out of bed before 7AM.

And as my family can tell you, I’m not much of a morning person.  Although, I’ve been trying to change that.  I think that I’m improving. I’m a lot less grouchy for sure.  But back to my weekend…  It was totally awesome from beginning to end.

Saturday, I enjoyed nice social outing that was great for me and Moo.  We went to birthday party for my friend’s son.  He turned a big, fat 1!!!!!   The theme was Curious George/Pool Party.  Moo did not enjoy the pool however.  I got her the cutest little bathing suit with pink Hawaiian.  She was content to just stand on the sideline and look pretty.  She did have fun playing basketball with her daddy and riding the tricycle.

We looked at our potential new home. Yes, we’re moving hopefully the end of July!!!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed. However, I wouldn’t mind waiting October or later. Most leases end in the winter.  Plus, I’m hoping to find a house and not an apartment. I’m really ready to move into a place that I can call my own and actually make my own decoration wise.  I’m the creative type who likes to put up curtains, paint the walls, hang photos and mirrors, update the lighting fixtures, etc.

I’ve found a few other nice places online Sunday and can’t wait to see them in person.  Sunday was bittersweet.  Our beloved pastor is going into retirement the end of this month. 🙁 Although, I haven’t known him for all that long because I was in college when he came to our parish, the almost two years that I have been back home and getting to know him has been wonderful.  He’s done so much and improved the church for the better.

He’s done an exceptionally great job at starting programs to keep our youth involved.  As a parent and young adult, I appreciate that.  The way he takes time and stands up for them is amazing.  And to see that some of those kids and teenagers have a better relationship with him than their own parents is mind blowing.  He has truly made a lasting impression that will not fade anytime soon.  So, we put together a surprise Appreciation/Farewell Service for him on Sunday.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the building.  The most touching part of the service was when the young girl’s mime team presented him with a cute card that said he will missed and that it’s not goodbye but farewell. It even had a check inside.  He went to pieces crying in front of all of us. Whoever says that strong men don’t cry never met this man.  He is stronger than most men will ever be.

This man has the courage and boldness to say things to our congregation that many pastors wouldn’t dare. However, we are still able to take the chastisement in love and not be angry with him.  So, it would be an understatement to say that he will missed.  He has agreed to keep in touch and come back for visits.  I’m going to make sure that he visits at least once as he will be performing my wedding ceremony when the time comes.

Memorial Day, we gave honor to all our family and friends who are serving or have served in the military. I have to say that it takes a brave and courageous soul to fight for the freedom of millions of strangers.  I am not that brave or courageous.  So, my hat is certainly off to those men and women who leave their families behind to put themselves in harm’s way so that we can have freedom and an equal chance at living.  I thank God daily for making this nation.

I hope that you all took the time out to thank all the military personnel that you know.  You’d be amazed at how much they appreciate just a word of thanks and acknowledgment.  I also grilled out. Yes, Mother Nature thought she was going to rain on our cook out, but thank God for covered porches and silicon cooking utensils too!!!  We moved the grill on the porch and kept the flame blazing.

It felt wonderful to have just about all the family under one crowded roof.  We laughed, argued and ate.  But most of all we loved.  My family is very dear to me and any chance we have to get together, we do it.  They’re not a lot of the older generation left. So, each year that we make it through without a lost is a blessing.  It’s scary when you see family members from your parents generation dying off. It just hits home that much harder that death is unpredictable and that you truly have cherish the time you have.

That is part of the reason I write this blog. I want to cherish my life and share what I can with as many as I can.  Like I said in my very post on here, if I can inspire or touch just one person then I’m happy.  I truly love to write and believe that words can have power….

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