Fashion Find: Stella & Dot Accessories Sale

As you all know, I love fashion and online shopping.  More importantly, I refuse to pay full price for anything (fashion related).  No, that’s not being cheap.  It’s called being smart and shopping around. Plus, I’m a merchandising major and that there is always a store or site selling products for a regular price and then there are those that sell the same product for a sale price.

However, it’s always nice when the company who makes it has a better sale on their own merchandise than another store.  And I’ve recently become a big fan of Stella & Dot.  They have some amazing accessories that are made out of quality material.  So, I was over there today and here are some of the sale pieces that caught my eye.

Cortez Bib Necklace-Brown
Maltese Brooch-Coral
Palm Beach Charms
Mini Bloom Flower Necklace
To see what other great items they have sale click on the banner below.  Happy shopping!!!

Stella & Dot Sale

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