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Costume Super Center

One of my most fond family memories before my father left is Halloween 1996.  I was in fifth grade.  My mom was out of town on a business trip, which meant my father was on costume duty.  My siblings and I were not the least bit thrilled.  As far as we knew our father’s best skills were cooking, cleaning and watching kung fu movies.  However, he surprised us all by creating costumes for each of us that were great.

Somehow, he put together a witch costume for me, a hump back costume for my brother, a clown one for my younger sister and a lady bug outfit for our baby sister all from scratch and using simple items from around the house like balloons to make the hump in brother’s back.  It was here that I began to see my father in a new light.  He was more than the man he who cooked for us every night, paid the bills, and sat on the couch watching Bruce Lee.  He had an eye for creativity and styling (clothes that is).

Now, that Moo is almost two and knows what candy is we have decided to take her trick or treating with some of her playmates this Halloween.  Since, we both love frogs and she is our little princess, her costume is going to be Princess and the Frog inspired.  While I can make the costume from scratch, the one thing I couldn’t make from scratch is her costume wig.  So, for that I turned to the Costume Super Center.

I was amazed at the amount of costume wig options I had to choose from.   I mean their selection is awesome.  It’s not like the sparse selection you see at WalMart or Target.  The thing I like most is that their wigs can get more than a one time use out them.  They tell you on the site how to take care of your wig so that it will last beyond Halloween night.  And that’s perfect for me since I’ve never had the need to wear a wig. 

After browsing all their wigs I settled on the Cheyene Indian Wig.  It doesn’t have a bang which will work well with the tiara.  And it’s long. So, it will hang down her back.  I love that it has combs sewed inside to help keep the wig secured.

Their costume selection is even better.  I couldn’t believe the thousands of costume options they have.  So for all you parents who aren’t so talented with a sewing machine to make costumes from scratch, Costume Super Center is the place to shop!!!   Seriously, your item ships the same day if you order it before 3 PM and the prices are very affordable.  Not to mention, they have coupon codes to help you save even more.  And no you don’t have do anything special to get them.  They post the codes right on the main page.

Their adult costume selection is just as great as the kids.  By the way, they don’t just do outfits either.  you can get shoes and accessories to match your costume as well.  Costume Super Center is really your one stop shop when it comes to all things costume.  Honestly, I will be purchasing an outfit for my bachelorette party and some dress up outfits to gift my niece for Christmas. 

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Happy Shopping!!!
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