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Are You My Dream Home?

I’ve been talking about how we have decided to take the plunge and buy a forever home.  However, for me it’s much more than finding a place we can live in or at least own forever and pass down to either Moo or JJ.  As a young girl I developed a passion and love for houses.  I mean I even sketched out floor plans, make interior design boards, etc.  What can I say, it’s kinda fashion related?

So, I’ve always had this idea in my mind about what my dream home needs to have and sorta look like.  And no, I didn’t go overboard with it.  I didn’t come from a rich home and kept a realistic picture when making out my list.  My dream home needed:

~4 bedrooms
~2-3 baths
~a garage
~a deck
~front porch
~a nice size front and back yard
~two stories (not required but certainly desired)
~in a nice and secure neighborhood

Well, I think that we have found a dream home that fits all of my requirements!!  I am trying not to get my hopes up too much because I’ve watched enough HGTV to know that just because you put in an offer on a house doesn’t mean you’ll get it.  But I’m faithful.  I trust that if it’s meant to be then once we have taken the proper action and put in the best offer it will be.  If not then I pray for God to lead us on to the next house.

So, that’s my dream home or my dream home out of all the homes we’ve found thus far.  It has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, two stories, nice size front and back yard and a huge upper level deck for grilling and entertaining!!  Plus it’s in a nice neighborhood (it’s actually 3 minutes from our current residence) and has a garage.  We’re hoping to be able to add on to the garage in a year because we’re getting a second car soon.  And it’ll be easier to load up two kids in garage as opposed to having to tote one out of the house and then go back for the other.  Moo has not yet gotten over the excitement of running around aimlessly when we go to load up in the car and I won’t be able to chase after her and carry a car seat.

It’s not a mansion, like some of you may have been expecting because of the words ‘dream home,’ but it’ll be a place where I can host birthday parties, dinner parties, playdates and more.  Not to mention the front yard has tons of curb appeal potential.  I love to garden and can see the drive and walkway lined with beautiful flowers and brush.  And I’d add some shutters to the outside  and maybe change the paint color and add a sitting area since it doesn’t have much of a front porch.

Yes, my mind is already running wild with all the possibilities that could be!

What is your dream home?  And did you get it?
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