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An Affirmation of My Love

I’m sure that by now we’ve all seen the mountains of Valentine’s Day merchandise at the stores.  Our CVS started setting their merchandise during the Christmas holiday.  And of course, I’ve already asked the hubby if he wanted anything special.  He said no he didn’t want, but that he’d treat me to a nice romantic dinner, a movie, a card and flowers (if I wanted them cuz I’m not really a flowers type girl).
His response got me to thinking a little bit.  Exactly what does Valentine’s Day mean to me?  Judging from my husband’s response, I have been putting out this message that it’s all about the gifts and it’s truly not.  He didn’t say that but his rambling off all the stuff he was going to give me and him wanting nothing in return kind of implied that.
So, I’ll ask again.  What does Valentine’s Day mean to me?  Honestly, Valentine’s Day for me is a day to reaffirm my love, passion and desire for my husband and my gratitude for all that he does.  I know that we should show the people in our lives that we love them all the time, but life gets busy.
There are days that I don’t tell him how much I love him.  It’s not because I don’t want to but because I get sidetracked with the laundry, mommy duty or we’ve had a fight and I’m mad.  And with him being in law enforcement working around criminals who have stolen, molested and even killed people is the number one reason I should tell him everyday that I love him.  Each day he goes to work and puts himself in harm’s way would be the last we see him (worst case scenario).  Just thinking about it gets me emotional.
Therefore, I’m thankful that we have a day like Valentine’s Day to make up for all days I missed saying ‘I Love You’ to the love of my life.  The Valentine’s cards, the keepsake boxes, the personalized gifts, etc are all just extras.  They show everything else that I can’t put into words.  So of course rather than get him nothing like he suggested I am going to surprise with a card, breakfast in bed and a few other gifts.
It just wouldn’t be right to receive and not give to the man who gives so much to me and the rest of this community.  I say to everyone reading this, Valentine’s Day is not about the gifts, but who you spend it with and what they mean to you!  Cherish your loved ones while you can and try to remember to let them know that you love them everyday!
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