20 Gift Ideas For Disney Lovers Of All Ages

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When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you. 🎶🎤  

There’s no denying that Disney is one of the world’s most loved brands.  Ask any Disney lover to describe Disney in one word and I’m sure they’ll say “magical.”  And whether we’re celebrating the holidays, a birthday, or just because, you know the one thing we Disney lovers appreciate and want?  More Disney!   So I’ve put together this list of 20 items that will make great gifts for the Disney lovers in your life.

20 Gifts Perfect For Disney Lovers

1. Pictopia: Disney Edition |  Who doesn’t love Pictopia?!  This game is sure to give your family hours of play time.  Definitely pick it up.

2. Disney Tie |  Guys are show their Disney side with this understated, but still cute Disney tie.  Honestly, I’m hoping to find a bowtie version of this tie as well.  Can you imagine the adorable father and son pictures you could take, moms?

3. Minnie Mouse LEGO DUPLO Block Set |  If your kids love building and love LEGO, this Minnie Mouse building blocks set will be the perfect gift for them.  Plus, the added bonus is that blocks help kids to build up their motor skills.  So this gift is a win-win for parents and kids.

4. Family Feud: Disney Edition |  Who knew that Family Feud came in a Disney edition?  I didn’t.  Board games are such a great way to bond with family (and friends too).

5. Let’s Go To Disney Shirt |  Whether you’re visiting a Disney Park or taking a Disney Cruise for the first time or millionth time, this shirt is a must-have.  I’ve snagged it and can’t wait to wear it on the drive to Disney World for our first visit.

6. Pua Pillow Pet |  Pillow Pets are one of the greatest things invented.  They’re pillows, toys, and “security blankets” all in one.  And the Disney themed Pillow Pets the most adorable.  The lovely folks at Pillow Pet sent the kids this Pua one as an early Christmas present and they were beyond thrilled.  From Target to road trips, Pua goes EVERYWHERE with us now.  He’s an official member of our crew and that he’s celebrating his first Christmas with us.

7. Mickey Mouse Dad Cap |  Dad caps seem to have made a comeback this year.  Although down here in the South, they never really went out of style.  Anyways, you can show off your Disney love and keep the sun out of your eyes with Mickey Mouse cap.

8. Disney Stamp Set |  If there’s one thing kids really love, it’s arts and crafts.  My kids in particular really love stamp sets.  Also, stamp sets aren’t just for kids either.  I got Moo a Disney stamp set for Easter and have used it to decorate the outside of birthday card envelopes sent to family and to decorate a spread in my bullet journal.

9. Princess Tiana Water Bottle |  If you’re a parent then you know kids detest drinking water . . . unless you put in a water bottle or sippy cup with their favorite character on the outside.  Moo and I are partial to this Princess Tiana water bottle.  And I mean considering Tiana is a chef and restaurant owner, this food and drink related Disney merch is totally true to her character.

10. Princess Bedtime Stories |  Do you have a princess who loves to read?  Then Moo and I recommend getting her the Princess Bedtime Stories book.  It’s collection of stories from some of the most beloved Disney Princesses and the perfect way to get a glimpse of that what the princesses have been up to after their movies ended.

11. Disney Princess Beauty Set |  Moo got one of these beauty sets the year before last and we actually just finished using up the last bottle of nail polish over the summer.

12. Black Panther RC Stealth Hunter |  My little guy has been asking for one of these and I think I’m finally going to give in and get it for him.  It’s remote controlled.  So besides keeping him entertained, it’ll help with his motor skills.  I keep telling y’all that the best for kids to learn is through play.

13. Maui T-shirt |  “What can I say except you’re welcome!”  Moani is still a crowd favorite around here.  “You’re Welcome” still gets bumped through the speakers on full volume, especially the Jordan Fisher version.  This is a men’s shirt but I’m so getting one for myself.

14. Mickey Mouse Earrings |  Aren’t these cute?!  Just the right amount of flash.

15. Snow White Purse |  I absolutely LOVE this purse.  The pops of red just does it for me.  This would be perfect to take on a Disney trip to hold a few essentials like your wallet, sunscreen, portable phone charger, etc.  If you have babies or toddlers, you can could even squeeze in a few diapers and a slim pack of wipes into this purse.

16. Fix It Felix Mini Arcade Game |  What kid isn’t into video games?  My kids have been asking if Fix It Felix was a real game since Wreck-It Ralph came out.  Of course, I shared my experience with playing it but they’ve been wanting to try it out for themselves.  This is the perfect way for them to enjoy a game from my childhood.

17. Black Panther Backpack Set |  Love this backpack set.  It comes with a matching lunchbox.  For us this would be perfect for my  little guy when we go on road trips.  He can pack toys and a blanket in the backpack and snacks in the lunchbox.

18. Minnie Mouse Phone Case |  Show your Disney side with this super adorable phone case!

19. Beauty & the Beast Snow Globe |  Y’all already know my love for Beauty and the Beast runs deep.  This snow globe is at the top of my Disney trinkets wish list.  If you’re looking for some Disney merch to collect that won’t take up a lot of space and looks beautiful, snow globes are the way to go.  You can set them virtually on any flat surface to add some extra decor.

20. Disney Villainous Board Game |  My son loves villains!  Sos this game would be perfect for us.  We get our Disney fix and he gets to walk on the dark side for a bit.

There you have it folks!  I hope really hope this gift guide helps you out if you’re wondering what to get for the Disney lover in your life.  Be sure to share this with your friends!
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