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The Blogmopolitan Quiz

I stumbled across this magazine style blog quiz, The Blogmopolitan Quiz, on XOXORebecca who got the quiz from Two Thirds Hazel.  Anyways, I thought it was a pretty cool idea since I’ve always been a fan of magazine quizzes.  They just remind of the all the times my older sister and I would sit in her bedroom with the latest YM or Seventeen magazine taking the boyfriend and beauty quizzes.  Of course, as we got older and grown we’ve upgraded to taking the quizzes in adult magazines like Cosmo.  
While those surveys aren’t always accurate, most of the time they are spot on.  Plus, if you save them, it’s a nice way to look back on what your likes and personality are from year to year.  I have to admit that I’ve changed and grown a lot since my YM and Seventeen days.  So, I hope you enjoy reading my quiz answers and get to know a little bit more about me.

What’s one thing that you definitely don’t get enough of?
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