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Luggage of Love

The mission of Luggage of Love is to provide “each child in shelter or foster care with a brand new piece of luggage so that they will never have to move from one location to another their belongings in trash bags.”
Why You Should Support Them
Looking at Dedria Brunett you would never guess that this Miss Teen California International 2010 was once in foster care.  You would also never think that she was a victim of sexual, physical or mental abuse but she was.  In fact, her past is the very reason she felt motivated to start Luggage of Love.

Dedria says, “I found it humiliating to have my personal effects put into trash bags.”  And I can only imagine how unimportant you feel as child when no one thinks enough to even make sure only belongings are packed properly.  For children, it’s all about the little and simple things like having a suitcase to store and protect the only roots that you have.

As I have mentioned before, my husband was a product of the foster care system.  And when we first met I never understood why he held on to this black trunk that he has until he explained that it was the first real piece of luggage that he owned to house his most prized belongings.  Every time he moved from foster home to another his things were just thrown into a trash bag.  Can you imagine having dirty shoes thrown in with your clean clothing?

Luggage of Love is 501(c)(3) nonprofit. For more information on Dedria’s project click here

How You Can Help
You can help Dedria with her mission to make sure that children in shelters and foster care have a decent way to transport their belongings from location to the next by either donating new or gently used luggage or making a monetary donation.
For information on how to donate to Luggage of Love click here.
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