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My Weekend WrapUp

BAM!  It’s October!  Can you all believe it?  I sort of can because the calendar says so, but a part of me still feeling like where did this year go?  I haven’t a clue but I’m not complaining.  The fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  
I have my birthday, Moo’s birthday, the Mr’s Birthday, my sister’s birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to.  Not to mention the upcoming Presidential Election.  And I’m even more excited this year because it’s my baby sister’s first year being able to vote!!!  Knowing my mom she’ll probably be capturing the whole moment in photos.  Anyways, how was everyone’s weekend?
This weekend was a special weekend for me and my husband.  We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on Sunday!!  We kept it low-key.  I’m happy to report that he really liked his gift.  It was comic book related.  We’re really big on Marvel and DC over here.
I got to sleep in until almost 11 AM.  That was a great gift itself because I needed that rest after having had a rough night with JJ.  He also got me a lovely red clutch wallet.  I love it because it matches my favorite red purse from Aldo’s.  I had a matching red wallet to go with the purse already put thanks to all my store cards, receipts and just plain old usage it had a few tears in lining.  My money was starting to do disappearing acts. So, it was time for a new wallet.

Can’t believe I almost forgot, but I did get an early anniversary present from the Mr.  Remember, that post I did a while back on wanting an iPhone?  Well, looks like I’ll be leaving Team Droid in a few days to join Team iPhone!!  I love my EVO, but I’m super excited to see what all the hype is about with these iPhones.  We decided to get the 4S since I heard that 5 has some kinks to get worked out like the screen bleeds and some of the apps malfunction.  Either way, I can’t wait for that baby to get delivered.  (Yea, iPhones stay sold out around these parts.)

Overall, it was a great day.  The best part was just being with my family and celebrating the commitment my husband and I made to each other before God, the minister and our witnesses. (We eloped for the newbies.)    I was glad the kids celebrated with us.  Moo asked a lot of questions about why we exchanged gifts and I had the chance to explain to her the whole significance of anniversaries and marriage.  I tried to put it in a way she would understand.  I think she got it but if not she’ll see us celebrate our wedding anniversary for years to come and get it when she’s older.
A Scarf for Moo
I also did a lot of crocheting over the weekend.  I had been giving some thought to starting up a little Etsy shop or something similar on my own.  I know I don’t talk about it much here on the blog, but I really like to craft.  Crocheting, cross-stitching and all that jazz is right now my alley.  It’s relaxing, helps me focus and it’s really good exercise for your hand.
After much thought, I decided to give it a shot.  What’s to lose really?  Plus, how many scarves and blankets do Moo and JJ need?  I can’t possibly keep everything I make.   And on top of that I’ve been thinking about trying to find a way to incorporate more charity work or opportunities into YUMMommy.  So, I’d love to take a portion of my profits to maybe sponsor a child for Christmas this year and then with future profits look into getting the ball rolling on converting YUMMommy into a nonprofit.
I’m still working on building up inventory and getting pictures ready to upload but here’s a look at the banner for my shop and I’ve set up a Facebook page. 
Anything interesting happen to you this weekend?
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Fashion Find: Chic Chanta

We had no clue that Moo was a girl until I delivered her.  While I didn’t have a preference either way, I was overjoyed when my OB said “It’s a girl!”  For months we had been avoiding gender specific purchases.  It felt good to now be able to buy something that screamed little girl.  So, one of the first things I got were some super cute clip-in bows.  
Little did I know, my Moo was not a bows and dresses type of girl.  Nope. Not one bit.  She was into basketballs (still is), getting dirty and rocking pants and sneakers.  Every time I would even remotely try to get a hair bow anywhere near her, she would have a fit or snatch it out.  Then last year right before her birthday something happened.
All of sudden she had an interest in dresses and started requesting me to buy her some hair accessories.  By this time, I had started watching Toddlers and Tiaras and was totally into the whole over the top look of the pageant style bows.  So, I was beyond thrilled when Christina from over at Being Mrs Jones announced that she was opening an Etsy shop, Chic Chanta.  If you all don’t already know, Christina is a woman of many talents.  She balances motherhood, graphic designing and now designing bows!
Moo’s Bows
Moo hasn’t been able to be apart from her bows since they came in the mail( and the was a while back). Whenever we go somewhere she’s always asking to wear her “special bows.”  And don’t worry, if your mini me isn’t quite into bow yet because Christina also creates and lists jewelry on Chic Chanta too!  So that means you can splurge on a few items for yourself as well.  Below are a few of my favorites from her bracelet selections.

The gold beads really make it pop!
Loving the peaceful blue!
Doesn’t this scream UNIQUE?!
If you haven’t been by Chic Chanta, I encourage you to head on over and check out her selection.  She has a quite a few bows up that are perfect to sport this fall.  I’m already looking to see what she’s going to design for Christmas.  And if you don’t see anything that catches your eye, she’ll be more than happy to custom create something for you!  
Happy shopping!!
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100 and Counting!!

Yay!! YUMMommy has finally reached 100 followers!!  112 to be exact at the time of this post.  This is a huge achievement for me.  As many of you know, I’m really working hard to take YUMMommy to the next level.  This is more than a blog for me.  It’s a baby that I’ve nurtured since I found out I was preggers with Moo over two years ago.

So, I hope that you all will continue to stick around because I’m enjoying to getting to know each and everyone of you!!  You can look forward to our first newsletter coming out this February.  So if you have any giveaways or blog hops that you would like featured in the newsletter please send me a message with all the details.  Also, I’m working on putting together a wonderful giveaway event for the month of March.  I already have my first sponsor.  Please visit her etsy shop: Passions by Ashley

And I’m going to be trying to get some YUMMommy t-shirts made!!  I’m super stoked about this one.  I’m hoping to be able to offer them for $10-15.  50% of the profits will go to my GiveBack charity and to the Wallace Family Life Center.  It’s very important for me to support charities from my hometown and organizations that I was involved in as a child.  While we’re on the subject of charities and donations, please take the time check out the ChipIn widget in my left sidebar.

Again thank you for making YUMMommy the huge success that it already is.  Don’t forget you can find us on Twitter and Facebook too!

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My Blog Button!!!

Let me first start off by saying that I’m super excited about many things this week. I got my first fellow Blogger follower from my What I’m Making Monday post!!  And it seems my page view counter has confirmed my suspicions that I have more than a few SBS (Silent Blog Stalkers).  That’s great because it means that somebody out there actually gives a hoot about what I have to say and is coming to visit my page.  And now to top it off, I created my own blog button!!

I thought it was going to be super hard to do, but thanks to this really easy to follow tutorial from April Showers Blog Design, I was able to create it in under ten minutes.  I already had a custom created avatar that looks very much like me saved. So all I had to do was upload to Microsoft Paint, add the purple background with pink polkadots, a text box and save it to Photobucket.  From there I just followed the tutorial.  I couldn’t believe how cute it turned out.

I mean it doesn’t have that complete cartoonish look like some of the other buttons, but it’s me.  And I’m sure that as I experiment more and more with Microsoft Paint that I will create a better button.  I even felt inspired to create a button for Etsy shop!!  I am in no way a pro and ready to start creating buttons for others but I might one day.  I feel like  I can finally tackle creating a logo for my Young Urban Modern Mommies brand.

You’d really be surprised at how much quitter people reply to you when you have a logo or face for your brand.  This has just totally made my day.  I can only hope that the rest of this week goes just as well.  I will be trying my hand at making a favicon and eventually a completely customized background for my blog. Wish me luck.  And now the words I have been waiting to say, Grab my buttons from the right and add them to your page.