When A Rough Day Turns Great

You always hear people saying perspective is everything.  Well, that has never been more evident than a day like today.  These last few days I have been pretty sleep deprived.  Monday morning, Moo couldn’t hold down her breakfast, but otherwise seemed ok.  Then, over the weekend Moo and JJ seemed to have morphed into Tom and Jerry.
Seriously, at one point I sent them to their separate corners on Sunday because I had had enough of the foolishness.  My tolerance level for chaos of any kind is not high.  I’m chalking this hiccup in their sibling relationship to age.  Moo is in adolescence and JJ is still a toddler very much in toddler mode.  Plus, he’s becoming such a boyish boy now- rough play and all.
Then yesterday I discovered that Moo has a second row of teeth pushing BEHIND her baby teeth instead of just pushing in regularly and knocking the baby teeth out.  Long story short it’s caused a big gap in her bottom teeth that seemed to happen overnight and some crookedness.  So, I had to hunt down a new dentist that takes our insurance.  Around 11 PM, I was just ready to call it night until I heard Moo get up.  
I thought she was just using the bathroom as usual, but then I heard a strange almost muffled noise.  I fast walked to her bathroom and there my poor baby was puking all over the bathroom floor.    Honestly, being grossed out never crossed my mind.  That look of utter helplessness in eyes as she saw me standing there is like forever stuck in my brain.  
We got her cleaned up, but then it started all over again.  I had literally just finished getting her bathed, redressed and cleaned up the bathroom.  So, I moved us all to the living room because the bed in the master bedroom is too high off the ground to set a trash can near it for her to reach.  In the middle of this JJ woke up and thought it was get crunk time.  I literally wanted to pull my hair out because in the back of my mind I was thinking “Gee, this would be a great time to have a husband who works days so that when stuff happens in the middle the of the night, I’m not juggling it alone.”
I’m pretty sure when I went to sleep at 7 AM this morning that was the last thought on my mind.  Needless to say when my alarm went off just a few hours later to get up for JJ’s therapy session, I was feeling some type of way.  I just knew my rough day wasn’t going to be better.  The clouds of negativity had descended and I was content to let them stay.
But then I had to check myself.  Y’all so many people didn’t wake up this morning.  If all had going on in my life was a little sleep deprivation, a sick kid, etc then so be it.  At least, I’m alive to experience these moments.  I made up my mind right then and there to change my attitude and adjust my perspective.  Rough days happen. 
This wasn’t the first and won’t be the last.  I can’t control the fact that Moo caught a stomach bug, but I did make sure I did everything to ensure that she was comfortable.  I can’t control the fact that JJ’s boyish ways are driving her (and me) crazy, but I can give him opportunities to burn off his energy and teach him how to be more gentle his play and distract him when his sister wants her space.  I can’t control the hours my husband works (the Gov don’t play that).  However, I can be thankful that he has a job and that he works hard.
Want to know what else helped to change my perspective today?  Well, I’ve finally mastered the art of a rocking twist out! No joke, I got my life even more (Tamar reference) after I saw how fabulous my hair turned out today.  I even got complimented it on it at the library this afternoon.  Speaking of the library, we scored cool prizes for completing the Summer Reading Program!  Y’all we’ve read over 100 books since June.

Then, I hopped on Facebook and saw that my She Inspires feature was live on The Young Mommy Life!  If you aren’t following that blog, you’re missing out.  Tara is making moves and knocking down barriers for young moms. I’m not going to be surprised when she gets interviewed by Oprah.  Remember you heard it here first folks. It made me think, I can’t be inspiring others today with a funky attitude.
I don’t want to write book here on perspective, but to wrap this post up I just want to say that life happens and it doesn’t always happen nicely or the way we think it should.  But you either choose to focus on what you can’t control and be miserable or change your perspective, get happy and turn a rough day into a great day!
How do you check yourself when you’re in a funk?
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  1. kita

    July 31, 2014 at 1:09 am

    I get in a funk and when I do I try to get more into me an take care of my business throw myself into research when i am down I get more determined to do better and I always remember that not everyone gets to see a new day. Love the picture

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