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I’m sure that by now many of you have noticed the new logo.  It’s pretty right?!!  Yea, I love it. What’s even better is that I can actually pretty much put it on anything I want to now thanks to Visual Luxe.  What am I talking about?
Well, you see the design of the logo itself I’ve had for a while now.  It started as sketch on paper, got scanned and uploaded to my computer and that’s where I got stuck.  I had no clue how to turn it into a format that would allow me use it.  I couldn’t put it on business cards, merchandise or anything because it would end up distorted and funky looking.
Feeling frustrated, I took to Twitter pleading for help from a graphic design expert.  As much as I’ve had fun playing around with html and blog designing converting this file seemed a little too challenging for me.  I was out of my league.  Thankfully, Christina saw my cry and came to my rescue.  For those of you in the blogging world that don’t know Christina, she’s the lovely owner and creator of Visual Luxe, a graphic design studio.  I emailed her my logo and she worked her magic on it and turned it into a file that I can now put anywhere.
Christina started Visual Luxe in 2010 after she gave birth to her beautiful baby girl.  “For years, I’ve had a passion for graphic design,” she says.  “I taught myself using Windows 98 and free graphic programs.”  What started out as just a hobby eventually blossomed and bloomed into a profession for her.  And let me tell you all, she’s talented!  Check our her design portfolio here.
She designs it all from blogs to business cards and printable invitations.  So, if you’re thinking about redesigning your blog or need help with a logo like I did visit Christina over at Visual Luxe.  Be sure to tell her that YUMMommy sent you!!  Also while you’re at it you can check Visual Luxe out on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also find Christina blogging about motherhood, beauty and more on her personal blog, Being Mrs Jones.


  1. Mrs. Pancakes

    August 29, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    Awesome kudos to Christina! She is a legend in the blog world for many reasons including Visual Luxe!

  2. Jill

    August 30, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    Wow! Love a new design! Congrats!!

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