Up And Running

Well, folks I can scratch one thing off my Mind Right Monday goal list.  Moo’s Closet is officially up and running!  Granted I only got one item listed, but I couldn’t be more proud of myself either because I’ve been dragging my feet on this for some time. It’s always been dream to own my a boutique. After all I was a fashion merchandising major.  So, Moo’s Closet is my first project to see how well I will do as a boutique owner.
I commend other online boutique/shop owners like Christina from over at Being Mrs Jones.  I admire her commitment to Chic Chanta.  And shout out to Mimi from Lipgloss & Binky for taking it to the major league with the launch of Divinitee.  It takes a lot of time, brainstorming and staying up after the kids are in bed to run a shop.  Or any business really for that matter.   You have to come up with a banner, store policies, an owner bio, background info on your brand, etc.  Don’t even get me started about pictures.
The point I’m trying to make is that this is something that I’m going to take serious and work hard to flip into a success.  My ultimate goal is take Moo’s Closet beyond Etsy and eventually turn it into a brick and mortar storefront in the next year.  Big dreams I know, but half of the most successful boutique owners and designers dreamt big and it paid off.
More importantly, Moo’s Closet is more than just a passion or my third baby.  It’s putting us in the position of being closer to our dream home.  Yes, folks we’re about to kickoff another round of house hunting.  (Pray for us!)  And this time, we’ll even be taking a look at a few land parcels.
I’d much rather buy something already built and renovate instead of contributing to tearing down more wildlife homes, but hey we gotta do what we gotta do at the end of the day.  I’ve had with attached living-apartments, condos, duplexes.  Sure I’ll miss having a landlord who gets to foot the bill for repairs like $250 valve sensor replacement on the gas tank, but we’ve had a slew of crappy and loud ass neighbors for the past few years..  And I’m ready to get in a place where when we make memories I don’t have to feel guilty because we’ll be leaving the place we made them behind once a lease expires.
Anyways, I don’t want to make this a long post.  So, while you can’t cop an album from me, you can scurry over to my shop and cop a scarf.  Christmas lapel/sweater pins coming soon as well as other merchandise!
The Pastel Moo Scarf 

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