Unfinished Business

Hi guys!  Today Christina from Being Mrs Jones is sharing the book cover and an excerpt from her new novel, Unfinished Business.  Unfinished Business is the sequel and follow-up to Strictly Professional, a contemporary romance in which Christina introduces us to Terrence Whitaker and Gabrielle (Gabi) Jacobs.  Terrence is lawyer at Pritchard and Graham and his determination on trying to make partner leaves him with no time to focus on a relationship.

Gabi is fresh out of law school and a bad relationship with both her ex-boyfriend.  She’s relocated to Atlanta to work at her uncle’s law firm and to show her parents that she wants to be more than a trophy wife.  She and Terrence meet and things start to heat up.  Well, Unfinished Business is set five years after things heated up and took off with Terrence and Gabi.  And if you’ve read Strictly Professional, you’re going to be a bit heartbroken to learn that Terrence and Gabi are no longer an item.

I don’t want to give too much away about Unfinished Business, but I will say it DOES NOT disappoint!  This is by far and hands down my favorite book by Christina and I haven’t a clue how she’s going to top it with her book.  If you haven’t a purchased a copy of either book, I don’t know what you’re waiting on!  Trust me you are missing out big time!  Anyways, check out the book cover and excerpt below!


            I had just picked up my suitcase from the baggage claim when I heard my baby girl’s voice.  I turned to see her huge puff of curly black hair bobbing in the air as she ran toward me.  I caught her in my arms and pulled her into a hug, placing a kiss right on her forehead.  She was giggling like crazy, just as she always did.
            Maybe it was just a typical kid thing, but Joci was always thrilled to see me. It was mutual.  Joci was so happy and energetic that you couldn’t help enjoying yourself around her.  She was really just an awesome kid, and I knew it had everything to do with her mother.  I peeked through Joci’s hair over to Gabi, who was watching us.  She had her top lip pulled through her teeth, but her eyes were shining and I knew she was trying to suppress a grin.
            “Come on and show me that pretty smile Gabi,” I said, lowering Joci to the floor. I led her by the hand over to where her mother stood, taking the opportunity to look her over.
            Damn, she looks good.
            Gabi was wearing a dress the color of orange sherbet, made of a fabric that clung to her curves, but flowed away from the rest of her body every time she moved.  The sleeves reached her elbows, her hem reached her knees, and she was showing just a hint of cleavage, but still, it was sexy as hell.
            Her lips parted into a smile as I closed the distance between us, pulling her into a hug and giving her the same kiss on the forehead I had given Joci. 
            “Trying something different, are we?” Gabi asked, reaching up to stroke my beard, which I had allowed to grow a little longer than usual. “I like it.  It makes you look more distinguished.”
            “Daddy says he’s gonna grow a big beard like Santa,” Joci chimed in, still giggling as she grabbed one of each of our hands.
            Gabi’s eyes widened as she turned to me. “Oh, is that so?”
            “Well, I didn’t agree to Santa-length,” I said, giving Joci a fake scowl. “But, my baby girl said she wanted to see me with a puffy beard, so we’re doing a puffy beard.”
            When I looked from Joci back to Gabi, she was staring at me, with her lips slightly parted. “You do anything this girl asks you to do, don’t you?”
            “Anything in my power.” I flashed a smile at her, which made her blush.
            What the hell was that?
            That was… new.  It had been a long time since I’d been able to make Gabi blush with just a smile.  When it came to me, those feelings of hers were an impenetrable wall.  Sure, we were on great terms.  I would even be comfortable calling Gabi a very good friend. But anything that even looked like it might want to consider implying a hint of something of a romantic nature, she immediately shut down.  To her, that part of our lives didn’t exist anymore, a conclusion she probably came to after I started officially dating Sabrina, shortly after Gabi left for Dallas.
            But I wasn’t with Sabrina anymore.  I wasn’t with anybody now, and that blush, paired with the fact that she wouldn’t meet my eyes now gave me a bit of hope that maybe, if I went about it the right way, Gabi and I could pick up where we left off.
            “So,” I said, picking up my suitcase as we exited the airport. “I was thinking I could maybe take two of the most beautiful girls in Texas to dinner and a movie tonight.”
            “Yeah! Yeah, can we see the one with the ice princesses?” Joci stopped walking to look up at me with pleading eyes.
            “Of course, sweetheart.  Whatever you want to see.”
            “Uh, actually,” Gabi said, allowing the end of the word to trail off. “I, uh… have a little… dinner… plan… thingy.”
            My energy deflated a little. “You mean… a date?”

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