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Under The Weather

It feels like it’s been ages since my last post,  Unfortunately, my lack of posting was partly due to the fact that Moo, JJ and I have all been under the weather.  What started off as a trip to my mom’s house the weekend before last turned in to us all getting some kind of bug.  For the life of me, I haven’t any clue how we ended up sick.

It started off as runny noses, turned coughs and is now a mass confusion of sore throats, swollen tonsils and ear infections.  Not to mention,  JJ’s eczema has flared up and he hived Thursday when my mom got a new puppy for my niece.  Yes, my kids are allergic to cats and dogs.  Needless, to say our trips to visit Grandma will be short and sweet from here on out.
Moo is back on her breathing machine.  That sucks because she’s not a big fan of that thing.  But it’s a good for her and will keep her healthy.  I had to cancel part 2 of JJ’s flu shot since he’s sick now.  And of course, Moo is allergic to it.  So, we’ll be keeping mini Lysol, germ gel and wipes handy when we’re out and about.
I’m just starting to feel somewhat better.  My voice isn’t back to normal just yet.  So, I’m not doing very much talking because if I do by the end of the day I’m so hoarse I can barely speak.  I’m hoping that I’ll be back in great shape for my birthday which is Sunday!!  The big 2-6 is just a few days away and I am hella excited!!
On top of all this, I have projects I need to complete.  Oh and did I mention that I’m still shopping for the Mr for Christmas.  I want to make sure that I get him things that he will love and appreciate.  We’ve had some hits and misses over the years and I’m ready to get on track with more hits this year.  
And one last note before I jet off to finish some work, if you purchased the awesome Tablet deal that was on Plum District Charlotte for Black Friday weekend, I’m sorry to report that due to issues with the supplier you will be getting a refund.  Check out all the details and information here.  These things happen but Plum District is still a great place to shop and I have picked up a few of my Christmas gifts from there and still recommend that you do the same.
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