Thankful Thursday | A Weekly List of Gratitude

Happy Thankful Thursday YUMMs!  I was on Twitter the other day and it dawned on me that the only shows I watch are the ones on Netflix.  Everyone was talking about all the shows that got cancelled and which ones got renewed.  Of course, I didn’t know anything about a good 80% of the shows folks were tweeting about.  Y’all my goal for this summer is give cable television another try. especially since we’re paying for it already.   Anyways, let’s get into my gratitude list for the week.

Also, in the spirit of full disclosure.  Some of the links below are affiliate links.  this means that I will receive a small commission at NO extra charge to you if you purchase something using one of the links below.

What I Am Thankful For This Week

Birthdays |  JJ turned six this week and surprisingly I handled it pretty well.  Ever since I had kids, birthdays have tended to reduce to me an emotional puddle of tears.  Neither I or Jay could wait until his actual birthday to give him his gifts.  So for his actually birthday, JJ had two requests.  He wanted to go to the library to play with the blocks and look for Thomas & Friends books.

We didn’t find any Thomas & Friends books that we hadn’t already read.  After leaving the library, he requested to hang out at the park.  Although, this Carolina sun was blazing, I couldn’t say no.  So off to the park we went.  You can check out a little bit of our adventure in our first mini family vlog below.

Ibotta App |  At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to be more deliberate and consistent about using the Ibotta app.  If you don’t know Ibotta is an app that you download to your smartphone and use to earn cash back on almost everything from groceries and makeup to shopping at certain online retailers.  They have a low cash out threshold of just $20.  I set a goal to earn $60 – $100 back in cash every month.

Well, I slacked off big time until pretty much the end of last month.  You see this Christmas I want to have $100 to spend solely on books and at least $200 to spend on gifts for my siblings that doesn’t come out of my or Jay’s regular income.  Therefore, when I realized that I wasn’t anywhere close to meeting by $300 goal, I got serious.

My consistency is paying off because I’ve earned over $75 in just a few weeks.  By the end of the week I will have earned an additional $20 bringing me to $95.  This might not seem like a lot, but literally I’m getting paid to buy things that I already buy.

And the best part is that I’m saving even more because I often use coupons.  If I stay on task and with earning $20 in cash back every week, I’ll have more than $300 stowed away in my PayPal by the time Christmas gets here.  I invite you to try out Ibotta.  

Spring Cleaning |  I’ve finally made some progress on getting rid of more unneeded to stuff.  We cleaned out the kids’ dressers and got rid of a ton of clothing that was way to small for them.  I haven’t a clue why I was still hanging on to it, but it’s been donated to a charity that will sort through and divide everything to go to other families who need it.

I hope you guys have lovely weekend!  I’ll be covering the Cars 3 Road to the Races Tour this weekend for Disney.  Be on the lookout for a recap post and a vlog.

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Mrs.AOK

    May 31, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    Happy belated Birthday, JJ!! Oh my time flies!! That app sounds AMAZING! I'm going to have to check it out.We're in the clearing out mode too!-Dean

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