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Thankful Thursday

Did you miss me?  I certainly missed you all while I was away at the Conversations With Coca-Cola Blogger Conference in Atlanta earlier this week.  I’m so thankful that I was given the opportunity to go.  The knowledge and experience I gained can only be described as life changing and eye opening.  I have a new sense of self-pride, motivation and inspiration.
I’m thankful to have met some great fellow mom bloggers like @lifeofrylie, @onemomsworld, @mommasgonecity and @beccasara to name a few.  The people from Coca-Cola were amazing.  They really made us feel at home and did their best to accommodate us and our families.  Speaking of family, I’m extremely thankful that my mom and younger sister were able to tag along and keep Moo and JJ entertained during the day.
It was great being able to take my kids on their first road trip.  And this was JJ’s first major out of state trip and Moo’s second.  Now that I think they’ve gotten the hang of traveling, I’m ready to put more stamps on our travel map.  On a sad note, I didn’t get to meet up with my cousin. Let’s just say that I’ll be investing in a car charger and a mini address book.  However, we’re connecting via Skype and are going to meet up in October!
We decided that 4 hours and 2 states will not keep us from meeting face to face.  I’m so anxious to know more about my father’s family outside of my aunts and uncles.  I’m thankful that we made it home safe.  We overcame rain, bad traffic and multiple stops to get back to the Queen City.  I was so happy to see my bed.
What are you thankful for?

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