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Thankful Thursday

“It doesn’t matter if a million people tell you what you can’t do, or if ten million tell you no.  If you get one yes from God that’s all you need.”

~Tyler Perry
We don’t always have the opportunity to have family date nights because of the Mr’s work schedule.  It’s hectic still.  Needless to say it’s just the kiddies and I a lot of the time going out and about doing stuff.  And I’m not complaining in the least because my husband is an excellent provider.  I’m thankful for that.
I know that if he could spent more time with us doing family things, he would.  And I’m thankful that this week we got to have a Family Date Night!  He had told me that when he got off work, he wanted to take us out and have a nice dinner together as a family.  I was over the moon excited because our last time out as a family was in January!
I knew Moo would be just as excited because she’s a daddy’s girl and she loves going places.  She’s definitely not a homebody.  So, I told her that he was taking us some place special and that it was going to be a surprise.  I wish you all could have seen the way her face lit up.  It wasn’t just the fact that we were going somewhere, but that fact that Daddy was tagging along too.
That made my heart melt.  I’m thankful that the Mr is a good father and that the kids look forward to spending time with him.  Thinking about the relationship my kids have with the Mr also made me think about the brokeness of my relationship with my father.  It hurts still knowing that he’s missed out on so much and that I haven’t seen him in years.  I’m grateful that my kids don’t have to experience this heartache that I have.
I’m thankful for all of the doors that God is opening.   I know that the things He is doing are preparation for something even bigger and grander.
What are you thankful for this week?
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